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Which dream would have your vote?

Posted by Peter MUIR

This month World Vision has been asking youth from around the world to share a dream that they have for change in their community or the world.   They are nominated the following five dreams and now need your help to choose ONE to support globally.  The five powerful dreams are from Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, South Korea, and the United States. Read them over, then vote for your favorite!

Half The Sky documentary screening

Posted by Peter MUIR

Half the skyRoom to Read and the Canadian International School Parents’ Association are hosting a screening of “Half The Sky; Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide” – a documentary screening and discussion focusing on Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Programme.

Based on the groundbreaking book, Half the Sky, Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by New York Times journalists Nick Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, this 45-minute extract features three inspirational stories from Room to Read’s Girls’ Education program in Vietnam as well as providing valuable background on the importance of educating girls and young women. There will also be an opportunity to hear from Alice Pung, one of Room to Read’s writer ambassadors and the author of a highly acclaimed memoir about her father’s experiences in the Killing Fields of Cambodia.

Soon after the publication of Half the Sky, Carolyn See wrote in the Washington Post: “Half the Sky is a call to arms, a call for help, a call for contributions, but also a call for volunteers. It asks us to open our eyes to this enormous humanitarian issue”.

Please note that this event is not appropriate for those 14 years and under.

When: Thursday 7 November, 6:15pm to 8:30pm

Programme: 6:15pm Drinks Reception. 7:00pm Screening. 7:45pm Discussion. 8:30pm Close.

Where: Leo Lee Arts Centre, Canadian International School, 36 Nam Long Shan Road, Aberdeen.


Shuttle Bus: Free bus service from Admiralty MTR Exit A to CDNIS at 5:45pm, returning at 8:45pm.

Special Guest: Alice Pung, Room to Read writer ambassador, Hong Kong International Literary Festival 2013 Author

GIN852 Conference

Posted by Peter MUIR

Hong Kong will be having its very own GIN conference next March.

GIN (Global Issues Network) composes of compassionate students who endeavor to address different global issues in their community.  The issues targeted are those indicated by JF Rischard (former vice president of the World Bank) in his book High Noon- 20 Global Problems, 20 Years to Solve Them.  In his book, Rischard proposed that the only solution to prevent the many imminent global disasters is the formation of a solid network of local groups, working together to solve global issues.  This inspired the birth of GIN.

GIN852 logoGIN852, the Hong Kong local GIN group, will host the GIN852 Conference at International Christian School March 1st-2nd 2014.    GIN852 is a conference for schools to join together and focus on solving local issues and DC is looking for students to represent us at this event.

The GIN852 conference aims to achieve the following goals: To provide a basis for inter-school collaboration in solving local Hong Kong issues; and to encourage long-term course of actions to combat urgent problems in Hong Kong.  Conference activities include action groups, keynote speakers, a film festival, simulations, and a school exchange fair.  Students who attend will both an audience and also involved in presenting to other students.  The theme for this year’s conference is “Sustainable Planning, Immediate Action.”

This event will be open to students in Years 10-12.  The cost for each student and supervisor is HK$250, which includes conference materials, and food.  To sign up – click here

World Humanitarian Day

Posted by Peter MUIR

worldhumanitatriandayAugust 19 is World Humanitarian Day.  This event aims to increase public awareness about humanitarian assistance activities worldwide and the importance of international cooperation. It also honors all humanitarians who have worked in the promotion of humanitarian causes, and those who have lost their lives in the cause of this duty.   The official event Facebook page contains more details about the day, and includes some ideas on how you could get involved.   Check it out!

Earth Hour

Posted by Peter MUIR

Six years ago saw the first Earth Hour event held in Sydney Australia, where 2.2 million Sydneysiders and 2,100 businesses participated by turning off lights and electrical devices for one hour.  Earth Hour has grown much in that time, with this year’s event looking to involve over millions of people in over 140 countries.  One part of Earth Hour’s campaign, the “I will if you will” initiative on YouTube has already attracted four million participants and received more than 200,000 commitments from individuals, businesses, organisations and governments, all taking their action for the planet far beyond the hour.

And that is what is required for us to change direction that our Earth is heading – the world is undoubtedly facing some of the most critical environmental challenges in its history.   The only work to find solutions and to act on these problems is if we do it together – together our individual actions add up to make a difference collectively.

What can you do as an individual; what can we do as a school to change our practices.   And how could you make it so that these actions could be a meaningful part of your CAS / C&S programme?

Designed for the dump

Posted by Peter MUIR

This clip, posted by the student organisers of the DC Ethical Consumer Week, looks at the problems associated with the consumption of electronic items.
Designed for the dump means making stuff to be thrown away quickly. Today’s electronics are hard to upgrade, easy to break, and impractical to repair.  Our high-tech revolution’s collateral damage is 25 million tons of e-waste and counting, poisoned workers and a public left holding the bill. What we need is for electronic designers to make long-lasting, toxic-free products that are fully and easily recyclable.  Click here to see more details about  “The Story of Electronics”

What is ethical consumerism?

Posted by Peter MUIR

This week is ‘Ethical Consumer Week’ at DC.  The students organising this week have prepared a number of activities for students to take a part in – quizzes, games, a role-play, displays – all aiming to improve understanding of ethical consumerism that hopefully leads to principled action (IE us being an Ethical Consumer!).

As a part of the week students will be sharing related clips in the daily bulletin.  Here is the first clip …

Everyone loves a bargain, but how often do we think of the origins of the products we buy? Who made these products, under what conditions and at what cost to the environment? This clip tackles the issue of ethical consumerism, focusing on the global consumer, ethics, sustaining our future, fairtrade and consumer choice.

Feeding Hong Kong Bread Run

Posted by Peter MUIR

Feeding Hong Kong (FHK) will be holding their first public Bread Run of the Year of the Snake on Tuesday February 19.

Each week, FHK works with volunteers to collect surplus fresh bread from shops across Hong Kong at closing time. All Bread Run donations are redistributed amongst the FHK charity network the following morning.


  • Are you: Over 16 years old?
  • Available on Tuesday February 19 between 8.00-9.30pm?
  • Contactable via email and mobile?

Yes to all? Great!

  • Volunteer to become a bread runner today
  • Simply choose 1-2 stores in the area of your choice and register as an individual or a pair of volunteers
  • On pick up night, arrive at your chosen store(s) at closing time, pick up the surplus bread and deliver it to one of the FHK collection points (Central, Yau Tong and Kowloon Tong)

Register today and encourage your friends, family and work colleagues to sign up too!

Want to be involved but not available?  Here are some other ways you can get involved:


Life for refugees in Hong Kong

Posted by Peter MUIR

Chungking Mansions Service Centre has sent out the following details, hoping to receive some support for some people in need.  For those who are not aware, our centre does not get any support from the Government or any major funding body in HK, hence why they rely on the community to help their our clients through grants, sponsorship, donations and partnerships. The following is a call for help.  And, importantly, keep in mind that you can also help directly by volunteering in the programmes that the service centre is involved in.  See more details here on how to get involved.

  • A vulnerable refugee family of 5 is in need of $300/month top-up in rent. They have started their resettlement process and might leave HK for resettlement within a year. It is not practical for them to move-out of their current home as they might not find anything cheaper than their current place. 4 out of 5 members of the family are under our Psychosocial Program for various mental health conditions. The father and mother are also physically ill.
  • An elderly client suffering from various ailment and his 22 year old son live in New Territories. The assistance they get from ISS is not enough especially to meet their dietary needs. A support of $200/month will help them immensely.
  • A single mother with a daughter who have recently escaped persecution (both are traumatized and mother is very sick)is in need of a home and we are finding it difficult to find them a home without rental deposit. To ensure they are safe and we find a decent home, we need to raise funds for rental deposit and or agent’s fee which we anticipate will be around $2,000. Moreover, her daughter who is in a local secondary school is top in their class but the Student’s Financial Assistance Agency doesn’t cover all the expenses. She is in danger of quitting school if we don’t find her additional financial support. If you are interested to help, I have attached here our Educational Sponsorship information (please note there are also other children under our waiting list).
  • A family with 2 children came to HK almost two years ago. They live in Shek Kip Mei in a run-down flat. Both parents have a medical case, the mother has serious back injury and the father is going to be operated on his throat to remove a foreign body. They require financial assistance for their electricity bill each month of around $250.

An Idea – Home Composting Project

Posted by Peter MUIR

A C&S / CAS Idea – Set up a home composting project.

Research about composting and how it benefits the environment.  Do some specific research about micro-composting in an apartment, then develop a promotional campaign to encourage people to have their own home compost.