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Last Call for Applicants: Nature Works Hong Kong 2016 Environmental Innovation and Leadership Program

Posted by Peter MUIR

NWHK Student Feedback 3Nature Works Hong Kong, organized by one of the world’s largest conservation organizations, The Nature Conservancy, is a free program designed to empower students to conceive, test, and launch their own environmental conservation projects in schools and communities across Hong Kong.

Last year, over 110 students from 35+ local and international schools join together in 13 project teams. The program combines leadership skills training, a network of volunteer advisors from the corporate and non-profit worlds, and a platform from which student teams can raise support for their ideas. It’s a great opportunity for students aged 14-17 who are passionate about the environment and want to take action.

Further information and application details can be found on the Nature Works website.

Nature Works Hong Kong 2015 Trailer from Seeds Training on Vimeo.

Ark Eden CAS Project opportunity

Posted by Peter MUIR

Ark eden logoArk Eden’s 2015-2016 CAS project provides you with an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and take action for the natural environment. The project will concentrate on developing leadership skills within a range of areas with all Creative, Action and Service components included in this major undertaking. The principle component of this years CAS project will be to train you to manage and lead environmental-permaculture activities with groups of young students Skills that you will acquire will include: Leadership, team work and communication Effective teaching and learning methods All element of safety required in transporting and managing groups of young children Researching, planning, time-tabling and other logistics for group activities Managing resources, setting up and down programmes Documenting permaculture programme content Creating a Perma-scout blog and newsletter

Click here for more details and registration – Ark Eden CAS Project 2015 – Environmental leadership.

Ban the Bead

Posted by Peter MUIR

The Story of Stuff Project has released a new video that aims to educate about microbeads  and the impact they have on the environment.

Why not take action to and get involved in banning the bead.  Investigate more about the issue, prepare an action plan and then act!  The Story of Stuff website has some ideas and resources to support taking action to ban the bead.

DB Green Beach Clean Up

Posted by Peter MUIR

DB-GreenHanging out for a day at the beach? Why not join in the DB Green beach cleanup this Saturday morning 9am to 12noon at Nim Shue Wan (the beach on your right as you turn down the road towards the Marina- before the ferry pier for Mui Wo and Peng Chau).

Bring sunscreen and insect repellent and your favourite hat/cap (and if you don’t have one of those, DB Green will have one for you to keep), some sturdy shoes (preferably that can handle getting dirty or wet). Bring your non disposable water bottle and we can refill it for you (do not use single use water bottles!)

Earth Hour 2015

Posted by Peter MUIR


Earth Hour 2015 is approaching! Take the opportunity to get involved in the world’s largest collective environmental action to do your part to help address environmental concerns. Do you know that we are over consuming the resources of our planet? If everyone on earth consumed resources at the same rate as Hong Kong, the humanity would need 3.1 Earths to support our demand of resources. Earth Hour means much more than saving the energy of the hour. It is to inspire and remind us to make small changes on our habits that reduce our negative impact to the nature.

The theme of Earth Hour 2015 is “One Hour for One Bright Future”. Are you ready to make some small changes to create a bright future? We can switch the unnecessary lights off, swap your be-loved clothing with friends instead of buying new one, follow the “Sustainable Seafood Guide” while purchasing seafood, etc.

Take the opportunity to join the crowd in over 162 countries by switching the lights off at the designated hour. This simple act shows that we care about our earth. Earth Hour will be held on Saturday, 28 March 2015 8:30pm. Visit the official Earth Hour website to make a pledge and commit to the Earth’s future.

What we have

Posted by Peter MUIR

For her MYP personal project, Year 11 DC student Beccy Reponen wanted to use her skills in animation while doing something she is passionate about – the environment. She developed an animation called ‘What we have’, which tells the short story of an Inuit girl who’s live changes dramatically due to climate change. The Inuit are forced to adapt to the new weather conditions, or move out of their natural environment because of the melting ice sheets and the dying polar bears.

Beach Clean up

Posted by Peter MUIR

A note from DC’s DB Green Ambassadors, Year 10 students Rionna Caragay Sophie Lam –
Beach cleanup
Here is an opportunity for you to take direct action in improving our marine environment (and get invovled in a CE activity). There is going to be a beach clean up this weekend. This one will be at Nim Shue Wan (the beach near where you get the ferry to Peng Chau or Mui Wo).
Date: SUNDAY 9th November
Time: 1-4pm
Where: Nim Shue Wan beach
Bring: Friends and family, sunscreen, your own water bottle(preferably not single use water bottles- they are our enemies!), insect repellent, hat.  
We will provide: Water to refill your bottle, bags, gloves and a big smile!

March Against the Incinerator

Posted by Peter MUIR

A number of NGOs and schools are collaborating in organising this Saturday’s ‘March Against the Incinerator’.   On 3rd October,  LegCo will vote whether to use up $200 billion of HK taxpayers money to build one of the biggest incinerators in the world – not far away from DB in the pristine environs of Shek Kwu Chau.  This march is being organisied to help change the minds of LegCo.

For more details about the planned incinerator – click here.

The march will take place on 27 Sept to March from Victoria Park to Legislative Council Building at Tamar (Admiralty).   For more details, check out the orgnisers Facebook page.

DB Green Ambassadors

Posted by Peter MUIR

DB GreenAre you a keen to see an increase in environmental action in DB, and specifically by DC students? Then sign up to become the DC DB Green Ambassador!  This position is only open to two students in year 9 or above, and will involve promoting DB Green and the work that they do to the DC community, recruiting DC students, parents and teachers to get involved in DB Green events, collaborate with DB green in their plans, and take initiative to introduce new DB Green activities.   If you are interested, please email Mr Muir ASAP

ESF Environmental forum – looking for leaders

Posted by Peter MUIR

The ESF Student Environment Forum, is looking for a maximum of four students to represent DC in the ESF student environmental forum.   This is a fantastic opportunity for students to get involved in directing ESF schools to becoming more environmentally friendly, and would provide those involved with great experience in this inter-school initiative.

Those chosen to represent DC will be expected to be active participants at once per term meetings to achieve the committee’s goals and facilitate ESF-wide strategy.

We would like to have one student from our middle school and one senior school student to represent DC.  Naturally, those who apply would need to be enthusiastic about environmental sustainability.

Last year, members of the forum were able to make several changes within ESF, including a pledge from all ESF schools to go plastic free, changing school policy to to use recycled paper and other recycled paper products and more.  If you are interested, please email Mr Muir ASAP.