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HK Shark Foundation Petition

Posted by Peter MUIR

Here is a message form the Hong Kong Shark Foundation about their petition to ban the sale and possession of shark fin…

We would like to invite you to sign the petition “Legislate a ban on the sale and possession of shark fin in Hong Kong” which will be used to lobby the Hong Kong government to ban the unsustainable trade from Hong Kong.

SharkWhy it is important
Over the past two years, 60% of Hong Kong’s top hotels have either banned shark fin soup or taken it off their menus, providing it on request only. Companies have committed to end serving shark at their functions, and several leading airlines have said they will no longer transport shark fin. Even the Government of Hong Kong has pledged to ban shark fin from official functions – if the Government recognizes that shark fin has no place at its functions, banning the unsustainable trade from Hong Kong is the next logical step.

Shark fin off the menu

Posted by Peter MUIR

FINishedWWF has reported that the HK government has dropped shark fin from their official banquet menus, recognizing that this is not a sustainable practice.  More and more large corporates are also pledging NOT to serve shark fin soup.  To see the companies on this list, click here.  Know of a company not yet on the list?  Why not organise a petition to get them to change their practices?  Click here for some support materials and tips to help you turn your ideas into action.

A video from the elephant girl

Posted by Peter MUIR

Celia Ho, a 14-year-old student from True Light Girls College in Kowloon, has made a name for herself as “The elephant girl” for her internationally recognized work in preventing the illegal ivory trade.   Here is a story on her work featured in the South China Morning Post last September.

You too can assist Celia in her work. Here is he organisations Facebook page where you can find more details.  Below is a message from Celia about a new promotional video she has produced.

To spread the ivory ban idea and reach schools as far as possible, I filmed a 12-min video introducing the history and impact of ivory trade, habits of elephants and my ‘Schools United for Elephants’ campaign, in both English and Mandarin, directed by Miss Josefina Bergsten. The English version is presented first (with a quote from ‘BloodIvory’).  Hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment and share.

HK Shark Foundation Petition

Posted by Peter MUIR

SharkThe Hong Kong Shark Foundation is asking for your support!  Following their successful petition last year, where 10,000 signatures convinced the government to remove shark-fin from menus for official functions, the organisation is holding a petition to get shark products off the menu.  Here is their message…

We would like to invite you to sign the Hong Kong petition “Remove shark-related products, including fins, from the menus of all Traditional Chinese Restaurants/Food Outlets, unless the products are proven to be from a sustainable source” which will be used to lobby owners of Key Hong Kong restaurants to stop serving sharking fin.

The previous petition you signed (to lobby the HK government to ban shark fin from official functions) reached the target of 10,000 signatures and in 2013 the government did just this and banned shark fin from official functions.

Signing is easy click the link below and it will take you to the signature page

The conservation of shark populations remains an urgent use, but significant progress is being made, please help us keep the momentum going.

Save the Chinese white dolphins – vote Ruby!

Posted by Peter MUIR

The famous pink dolphins of Hong Kong are disappearing, but you can do something about it!

Threatened by coastal development, water pollution and heavy marine traffic, their numbers have reduced drastically – I was informed recently that there may be less than 40 left in HK waters!

Last Summer Tania Couture helped launch a postcard writing campaign that managed to collect almost 3000 postcards and hand-deliver them to the government. Regardless, still no action has been taken by the Government and tragically there are now eight reported dolphin deaths this year so far in Hong Kong.
Here is a request from Tania and her friends:

Our goals remain the same and we need to take the next steps to achieve them, we are asking the government:
1. To immediately designate the surrounding waters of western Lantau and Soko Islands as Marine Parks.
2. An urgent best practice management plan for the Chinese White dolphins to restore the dolphin population.
3. An Immediate moratorium on all new reclamations/projects in dolphin habitat and current development projects that are suspected of causing harm to the dolphin population.

To kick off our new campaign I would like to urge everybody to focus on goal no 1. We have combined efforts with the WWF organization to achieve our unanimous wish to save the dolphins.

You can help us by signing the WWF petition:

This petition urges for the immediate designation of marine parks so that the dolphins can have an immediate place to go to, to get away from the construction of the bridge and the cross border facility.

Please can you send this petition to everyone you know and ask them to sign as well! WWF needs 100,000 signatures by the end of November but let’s get 100,000 signatures by Friday November 8th which is Kids Ocean Day!

So please join us! Every signature will make a difference and will take us one step further to achieving our ultimate goal. Not only are you supporting the dolphins but you willl also play a vital role in protecting the future of Hong Kong’s marine life. Thanks! Tania.

CAS / C&S Idea – Fisheries Conversation

Posted by admin

Without urgent attention, we could be the last generation that catches food from the oceans.  Fish stocks around the globe are being depleted by never seen before consumption, consumption that is not sustainable.    According to Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan “the marine environment is facing challenges that, if not addressed immediately and effectively, will have profound implications for sustainable development.”

msc labelWhat could you do to address this issue as a part of your CAS / C&S programme?  Develop a plan that aims to increase awareness about the issue; educate people about their seafood-consumption habits; advocate for people to only eat seafood that comes from well-managed fisheries – such as those listed in this document from World Wildlife Fund Hong Kong – wwfhk_seafood_guide

Schools united For Elephants

Posted by Peter MUIR

In October 2012, Celia Ho, nicknamed “The elephant girl” by Jane Goodall, was touched by ‘Blood Ivory’ an article in National Geographic magazine. She submitted a letter to the South China Morning Post about saving elephants. SInce then she has gained the support of over 7,000 students in her plight of stopping the illegal ivory trade.  At only 14 years old she has become a she provides an example of what young people dedicated to a cause can achieve.

You too could get involved in Celia’s efforts – start up a group at DC  and join ‘Schools united For Elephants