Nature Works Hong Kong Leadership Program 2018

Posted by Peter MUIR

Are you passionate about environmental sustainability? Are you looking to develop your leadership skills and a scientific mindset?

Here is your chance to not only build a greener future, but also develop pathways to future careers with real-world experience.

Nature Works Hong Kong Leadership Program 2018 provides a platform that connects students to work on a common vision to solve environmental issues within their communities and schools. The data-backed and student-led solutions also help schools articulate the business case for environmental improvements, which can be used to evolve the project by future cohorts.

This program is open to all Hong Kong students aged 13-17 and has been evaluated by industry experts. Participating schools put forward a team of 3 – 5 students, who have the following skills and interests to join the program and represent their school:
– Quantitative Analysis
– Physics and Materials Science
– Biology and Environmental Science
– Research and Social Science

This will see teams working on real issues, aiming to help make DC a greener school!

Please speak to some peers about joining a team, then speak to Mr Muir as soon as possible.  Registration fees will not be charged to DC teams. More details can be found on the event website or on this promotional video.