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Fundraising opportunity at The Race

Posted by Peter MUIR

This year DC will be hosting The Race, Hong Kong’s premier international Primary school running event, which presents an opportunity to spread awareness ro raise funds for a particular cause that they are involved in.

The Race 2018 is a running race for Year 3 – 6 students. Lots of schools will be involved, with teachers and parents from schools attending. It will take place at DC, Siena Park and the Foreshore on Saturday 10 March 8.00am – 12.30pm

If you are keen to host a booth, organise activities, sell some products or have an idea for something similar, then please email Mr Wilkinson as soon as possible –

Ark Eden Training Project

Posted by Peter MUIR

Ark Eden is offering an opportunity for students to be trained as an activity leader for their eco-camps. Participants will be trained to manage and lead eco-activities with groups of young children (aged 5 – 11 years) who will attend Ark Eden Holiday Eco-Camps at Easter and Summer. Skills that you will acquire include:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Team work and communication
  • Effective teaching and learning methods
  • Elements of safety required in transporting and managing groups of young children
  • Planning, preparing, and logistics for children’s eco-group activities
  • Managing resources, setting up and down programs
  • Reflecting on process and results

Participants will need to attend a one-day training session and attend five days of the holiday camps. For more details, please email

Volunteers need – Girls rugby beach festival

Posted by Peter MUIR

A chance to get involved in supporting a community event.  Please carefully and critically check the guidelines for Community Engagement / CAS applicable to your year level before adding this to your CE or CAS portfolio.


#MyFreedomDay 2018

Posted by Peter MUIR

CNN is asking students and schools to join them on March 14 for #MyFreedomDay.

The event will involved students from around the world organising events at their school on the day to highlight modern slavery and celebrate freedom.

Right now, 40 million people are trapped in slavery. At least 10 million of those are children. This day aims to develop awareness about this issue.

CNN will feature a selection of student action on CNN TV, and CNN Facebook. A few schools will even receive a visit from a CNN correspondent, who will report live from the school.

If you’re doing something to raise awareness of modern slavery, let us know your plans by telling us on Twitter or Instagram, using #MyFreedomDay. (You must be aged 13 or older to post on social media).

Find out more at

You can CNN coverage of the 2017 events here.

DE CE groups Sem 2 2018

Posted by Peter MUIR

Now that Semester 2 of the academic year has begun, it’s time to get involved in new CE activities! The CE Captains have worked hard to take each year level’s common interests within the UN Sustainable Development Goals and have started groups for you to join – scroll down to see if some catch your fancy!

For Year 7-8 students

Did you know that oceans absorb about 30 percent of carbon dioxide produced by humans? This enhances the impacts of global warming, especially for marine life. If we don’t change our ways, before long all existing marine life will become extinct. On top of this, future generations would be unable to experience the ideal beach holidays which helps people to let go of all their stress. Nor might they be able to enjoy freshly caught fish, as subsidies for fishing are contributing to the rapid depletion of many fish species and are preventing efforts to save and restore global fisheries.  Sign up to join the “Life Below Water” group to help take some small steps to help make a difference for our oceans.

We are losing our forests, and this means animals are losing their habitat. forests are key to combating climate change, protecting biodiversity and the homes of the indigenous population, yet we are losing the equivalent of 27 soccer fields of forest every minute. And eating red meat plays a key role in this! Please come and join the Y7/Y8 “Life on the land” group to take action on this issue



For Year 9-10 students

Children have a right to an education, a quality education. Including learners who are healthy, well-nourished and ready to participate and learn; environments that are healthy, safe, protective and gender-sensitive, and provide adequate resources and facilities; processes through which trained teachers use child-centred teaching approaches in well-managed classrooms and schools and skilful assessment to facilitate learning and reduce disparities. All of which we have the privilege of experiencing, but many don’t. Click HERE to join this group and make a difference.

Imagine you are discriminated against simply because of your gender. Well, this is the reality for many females around the world. For example, why should an employee receive a different salary simply because of their gender? Come on Year 9 or 10 students, sign up HERE to get involved in doing something about Gender equality!



For Year 11-13 students

Everyone agrees that it is a right to have access to health and education, but what if you were denied these necessary services?  In developing nations, income inequality increased by 11% between 1990 and 2010 on average. Children in the poorest 20% of the world are 3 times more likely to die before their fifth birthday than children born into richer families. If you are in year 11-13, and believe that this issue needs to be eradicated, you can make a difference by JOINING the UN DC CE Goal 10: “Reduce inequality within and among countries”. Click HERE to learn more!

It is very simple knowledge that once the provider is exploited, producing the resource becomes more difficult. Humans so far have utilized the Earth to the point where we have used up almost all its natural resources. Less than 3% of the Earth’s water is consumable, and 2 2.5% of that freshwater is frozen. And only ⅕ of the energy consumption globally was from renewable resources. We can’t expect our constant needs and demands to be met without taking any action. If YOU are a year 11 or 12, feel free to click HERE to learn more about this issue, and click HERE to sign up to take action.

Opportunity to develop English literacy in Peng Chau

Posted by Peter MUIR

The Holy Family school, a small primary school in Peng Chau, is seeking some volunteers to help its students develop their English language capabilities. This would involve you developing then teaching lessons to 8-10 year old students at the school. Lessons will take place Friday afternoons between February to May. You will need to be committed to leading at least 5 lessons.  Lessons will start at 3:00 pm, meaning you would need to leave school at lunch time to take the 2:35pm ferry to Peng Chau. Lessons would finish at 4:00 pm (4:15pm return ferry). You would need to seek permission from your parents and the teacher of the lessons you may miss in order to get involved. Please email Mr Muir ( if you are interested – only committed students should apply.