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Justice Centre’s “Young Advocates Programme 2018”

Posted by Peter MUIR

Justice Centre Hong Kong is now recruiting potential Young Advocates (YAP) for Spring 2018 and Summer 2018. Modelled on their leading legal clinic and internship programs with universities around the world (including Harvard University, Columbia University, and University of Hong Kong), YAP is one of the very few programmes in Hong Kong that encourages high school students to gain hands-on direct meaningful legal experience under the close supervision of highly-qualified staff lawyers.

Young Advocates will be exposed to all areas of our work as an NGO, from the provision of legal and psychosocial support to refugees, to anti-human trafficking research and advocacy. Young Advocates will be asked to:

  • perform intensive and varied legal tasks (such as analysing decisions and drafting testimonies)
  • engage in external events with other NGOs and our corporate legal partners
  • learn about creating human rights campaigns,
  • work on their own project for taking what they learn beyond the programme, back to your school community.

Young Advocates also receive one-to-one personal mentorship from Justice Centre’s team of international staff lawyers and policymakers, helping students develop important skills, knowledge, and experience as they continue their educational journey.

Click here for ore details about the programme.

Invite to join GIN852 student conference

Posted by Peter MUIR

There is an exciting opportunity for a limited number of Year 10-13 DC students to take part in a student conference – the GIN852 conference!

GIN (the Global Issues Network), is composed of passionate students who work together to tackle global issues in their communities. The GIN852 conference aims to provide students with a direct insight into global issues in a Hong Kong context. Part listening, part contributing, students will be involved in developing understanding of, and contributing to plans for taking action on these issues. The theme for this year’s GIN852 event is “Begin Locally to Achieve Globally”.

The event will be held at DC on Friday Dec 1st (4-8pm), then in different locations in HK on Saturday September 2nd (9-5pm). It provides a great opportunity for you to join together with students from across HK to learn about, and act upon global issues locally.

There are also some leadership opportunities during the event – why not challenge yourself and develop your leadership and social skills!

More details  can be found on the conference website.

Sign up today, but be quick as places are limited spaces!

Big Picnic – help needed!

Posted by Peter MUIR

The organisers of the Big Picnic event are seeking volunteers to support their event.  Volunteers are needed on a shift basis from about 9.00am through until about 7.00pm. If you can spare 2-3 hours (or more!) please register your details here ASAP.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Heidi Frances on or 61753340. Please be aware that, depending upon your year level, involvement in this event might not fit the criteria to be included in your CE portfolio. You are encouraged to get involved regardless!