Join the DC Green Cobras!

Posted by Peter MUIR

What will our planet look like in 100 years?

In the best case scenario ocean levels will rise just under one meter, this may not seem like much but it will still be enough to displace over 4 million people. The ocean will warm and acidify as it absorbs a third of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Unchecked climate change will cause draught over about 40% of habitable land.

Have a look at the video to gain some idea of how this will effect people

So what can you do? Listen to the advice given in the video and start at the root! Start with yourself and our school. Join the Green Cobras to make the school a better place!

Students from Year 7-11 are welcome to join the Green Cobras as we are looking for as many members as possible. We are group of students aiming to constantly make DC a greener environment.

We will be setting up an information booth in the G/F foyer from Aug 30 (Wednesday) to Sep 5 (Tuesday) before school. Feel free to ask about our current aims and accomplishments from the past year. Please email if you are interested in joining.

The Green Cobras

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