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Child Development Fund Fundraiser

Posted by Peter MUIR

Come and support our fundraiser for the Child Development Fund(CDF)! There will be games, photo booths, and Tie-dye Workshops from 6th to 9th of June! All you have to do to participate is to make a small donation! CDF aims to alleviate and solve inter-generational poverty through this.

  • Tuesday (June 6th)  – Mini games before school, Tie Dying ($50) workshops during recess and lunch
  • Wednesday (June 7th) – Mini games and Photo Booth
  • Thursday (June 8th) – Mini games before school, Tie Dying ($50) workshops during recess and lunch
  • Friday (June 9th) – Mini games and Photo Booth

Your donations will go right into supporting children in Tung Chung for their “Targeted Savings” program. This means with your support each student will accumulate up to $12,600 which would then help to develop attributes like positive attitudes and self-resilience through “Personal Development Plan” and “Mentorship” programs.Your donations will contribute to a very meaningful cause in the Hong Kong!

Come join us for games between 6th to 9th of June for week-long fundraising activities at the foyer before school, recess, and after school!

Check out the Child Development Fund website for more!

Applications open for Sunshine Ambassadors

Posted by Peter MUIR

Keen to get involved with an active organisation involved in meaningful work to support the underprivileged in HK and abroad?

Sunshine Action, a HK-based humanitarian organization, is presently recruiting “Sunshine Ambassadors”.  Those interested will need to be dynamic, passionate about helping others, organised, be a team-player, and responsible. The role of the Ambassador includes:

  • Represent Sunshine Action at their events
  • Promote Sunshine Action events
  • Answer questions regarding Sunshine Action
  • Receive applications for volunteers and maintain a record
  • Help to extend the reputation of Sunshine Action in the school

This volunteering role will be for 12 months starring in August 2017.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please e-mail or whatsapp 68884028. An interview with Sunshine Action will then be arranged.

Cause Corps

Posted by Peter MUIR

Want a chance to participate in different CE activities?
Cause Corps offers a variety of different CE experiences nearly every week. These ‘micro-volunteering’ events focus on a number of different causes, including the environment, children, disaster response, animals, the disadvantaged amongst our community, and more. Some of the experiences you could get involved in include making postcards for children in hospitals, donating toys and clothes to a Vietnamese orphanage and helping recoveries of natural disasters in Nepal.
You can contribute to these services by joining in different activities by helping knit, plant, write and design cards. By doing small actions like these, you can make a big difference to others’ lives.  Click here for more details