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Be an Advocate for our coral reefs

Posted by Peter MUIR

A message from our CE Captain Ngai Ning Yu, about being an advocate

Coral reefs are more than just a natural beauty; they harbour​ ​​​fish that feed millions and shield us against storms and floods. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the largest living structure on the planet, is dying quickly. As ocean waters steadily warm, extensive coral destruction continues, and coral reefs die.  This must be stopped.

The Great Barrier Reef is considered one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. It consists of more than 2,900 smaller reefs and 900 islands and countless species of fish., but we may lose this treasure in as little as a few decades.

Just last year, two-thirds of the reef in the northern part of the Great Barrier Reef died, the worst die-off in history.

What could be the problem? Since June of 2014, there have been continuous bleaching in the world caused by high temperatures of water. Therefore, reducing our use of fossil fuels is the only solution. If not, corals reefs as we know them will not exist, and we could single-handedly be responsible for the extinction of an entire ecosystem.

What should you do? Cut down on energy usage and use sustainable alternatives, like walking instead of taking the bus, or turning off power outlets when not in use. These things may seem little, but if everyone does it, huge amounts of energy will be saved altogether.  The Nature Conservatory includes more details on taking action to protect our reefs.

What may make a bigger difference, is advocating for others to join you in taking these small steps. Advocacy is promoting a certain event, and this is exactly what we want you to do. Raise awareness about this situation by spreading the word and perhaps organising events​ too! By having people like you do a little at a time, it can really make a big difference​ in the bigger picture. ​​​

Calling all photographers!

Posted by Peter MUIR

HandsOn Hong Kong are currently seeking capable photographers to attend some of their volunteer activities and take photos. Being able to visually capture moments between volunteers and beneficiaries is critical for the organisations communications—having strong photos to support their ‘Call to volunteer’ campaign is a powerful motivation for people to join their programs.

Timing is flexible. If you are interested, please email hohk@handsonhongkong.org with the subject line: “HOHK Photographer”.