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Lights Out at DC

Posted by Peter MUIR

globalfootprintRealising that we all have an impact on the health of our planet, and taking steps to try to reduce this impact, is a key element in sustaining our natural environment. According to the World Wildlife Fund, we would need 3.9 Earths if everyone in the world led the lifestyle of Hong Kong people. A part of this is our energy consumption, something that we hope to reduce. Reducing our electricity consumption may also indirectly improve the quality of our air, which seems to be getting worse every year.

For our Community Engagement project, we wanted to see if could make a step towards reducing our school’s energy consumption. Our “Lights Out” initiative aims to reduce our eco-footprint by asking the DC community to turn off lights and electrical appliances that are being used unnecessarily. Though some areas of the school, such as the drama rooms, may not get enough natural light, we feel that we are consuming electricity unnecessarily in many classrooms by using too many lights. Air Conditioners are also often used to a degree that is not required, and projectors are left on when they are not being used.

We ask that from Monday 13th to Friday 17th of March, we turn off as many lights and air conditioners as possible. We hope that laptops that are not being used are on sleep mode, and projectors are only turned on if required. We want all members of the school community to do this during blocks three through to five (10:45am – 1:30pm).

We will measure our electricity consumption during these times, to see how much of a difference turning off unneeded lights and appliances makes.

By getting involved in this project, we hope that students and staff realise that our use of electricity is often wasteful, and that this is harmful to the environment. Hopefully we can bring about change in our day to day electricity consumption habits.

Please support us, and get involved in turing Lights Out!

From Year 10 students Horeb, Skye, Bryant and Horus.