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Approval for student-run events

Posted by Peter MUIR


Wanting to see DC be involved in Earth Hour?  Thinking of getting students to sign a petition about the use of plastic in our supermarkets? Keen to run a workshop for students so they can be a more ethical consumer?  If you are planning to organise any event at DC, you must first submit this proposal form found on the CE blog.  Please do not go further with your plans until the CE Captains have reviewed and approved your event!  Aim to submit your proposal at least 4 weeks before your proposed dates.

Kids4Kids at DC

Posted by Peter MUIR


Over the last few months Year 12 students Jessica Ng, Soovin Lee, Cherie Ho, Michelle Wang and Kayla Munson have been working with local NGOS Kids4Kids and the Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council in order to set up Discovery College’s first Kids4Kids club.  So far they have been very successful and have recruited over 30 year 12 students to take part in their Saturday service project.

After investigating and conducting a community mapping activity, the group identified a need for improved English literacy in primary school (aged around 7-10) children who are living in the Yat Tung Estate and are under the care of the NAAC. Many of these children come from low-income families and have low english proficiency. The group is now providing structured “Buddy Reading” sessions at the Yat Tung NAAC centre. During these sessions, members of the DC Kids4Kids club teach children English by reading English-language storybooks and engaging them in English games, with a few specific aims: enhancing English literacy, promoting reading for pleasure, and improving social and communication skills. The group is also looking at ways of further supporting Kids4Kids, a local NGO dedicated to empowering young people to make a difference.

The group has reported that the most rewarding thing about taking part in this project is that they are able to see these children opening up and becoming more willing to speak English after every one of their visits. They also enjoy the fact that the children are always actively engaged and excited to take part in the activities that they plan. After each session they make sure to take the time to review the session and decide if improvements need to be made before the next time they meet the children. This active reflection of the sessions that they take part in is what allows them to gradually improve and adjust their sessions from week to week.

When asked what advice they would give to other students who are considering starting a service project of their own, they said that the most important thing is to do lots of planning before starting a project. A lot of research and communication needs to go in to finding an issue and then creating a project that targets that specific issue. Regular communication is the key. Communication between your group, your supervisors and the possible organizations that you are getting involved with can make the difference between a successful project and an unsuccessful one. Lastly they think that it is important for students to realize the amount of time and effort that goes in to a successful project, and be able to commit fully to the entire process.

If you would like to know more about DC’s Kids4Kids club or would like to get in touch with the girls that organize it feel free to contact lee23@dc.edu.hk.