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Posted by Peter MUIR

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Interested in social service or social entrepreneurship? Join WeLearn!

WeLearn is launching their second term soon, and would like to invite DC students to join them as teaching staff.

Founded by HKU students, WeLearn is the fastest growing project within HKU and is a serial funding recipient of Centre of Development and Resources for Students, HKU. It aims to serve junior secondary school underprivileged students which focuses on arousing their interest in learning and helping them to polish their English. It also serves as a platform to boost confidence, enhance creativity and widen exposure. Their programme is composed of a set of diverse and fun academic classes and activities in an encouraging and English-only environment.

DC students are invited to join as Academic Fellows (AFs) or Special Learning Coordinators (SLECs). AFs mainly design and deliver classes, while SLECs are responsible for planning and executing the extra-curricular activities. As teaching staff, you will be paired with an HKU student and will be expected to work together to form lesson plans and design activities. This is more than a mere CAS project – it is a great opportunity if you are looking for personal growth, development and, most importantly, FUN with the VIBRANT community!

WeLearn’s second term will run from February to March 2017. They will hold classes on 6 Saturdays at HKU beginning from 11th Feb, and all teaching staff are expected to be present for the whole session for the duration of the term (6 weeks). Teaching staff are also required to attend 2 training sessions prior to the start of the term, 21st and 28th Jan in the afternoon.

You may find out more about WeLearn from their website or contact Ernest (whatsapp: 9741-8472, email: welearn.hku@gmail.com).

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*You must be able to cover your own food and transportation costs, to and from HKU.