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Application for Hong Kong Diversity Youth Summit

Posted by Peter MUIR

The Hong Kong Diversity Youth Summit (HKDYS) is a 5 day conference held at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong. It is organised by the school’s Initiative for Peace student group and provides Hong Kong students of various ethnicities to come together to engage in activities, discussions, and gain an understanding of Diversity in Hong Kong.

Discovery College students are invited to apply to participate in this exciting opportunity event. For more details, please click on the event website in addition to this formHKDYS Information

Advocating change – stop needless plastic wrapping

Posted by Peter MUIR

Stop plastic Wellcome!

Unless you are living in a bubble, or abiding by the ‘ignorance is bliss’ philosophy, you will be ware of the issues that our over-reliance on plastic is causing. Unless we want more pieces of plastic in our ocean than fish, we drastically need to do something about this.

One very easy way to act is to sign this petition (but that alone is not enough – scroll down!) to ask a big player in our plastic waste production to stop unnecessarily wrapping produce in our Hong Kong grocery stores in some form of plastic.

Once, you have signed the petition, think about what other action you could take. Perhaps start with encouraging others to sign the petition, then move on to conducting some research on your own consumption patters, investigating ways to reduce your plastic use then developing a plan to do so. Then perhaps you could inform others about how to do this, and actively advocate them to do so. Then you could advocate that McDonald’s stops using plastic bags for their drinks.

And why stop there! Join the DC Green Cobras to look at ways of making our school ‘greener’, or get involved in how our school can celebrate environmental days such as World Ocean Day, World Environment Day, or Mother Earth day. There are many ways that you could act on this issue, some more beneficial than others. Following the CE framework/CAS Stages will help you ensure that your action has the greatest benefit.

Advocating change – rainforest destruction

Posted by Peter MUIR

According to a recent report from Greenpeace, HSBC is currently one of the largest providers of financial services to the palm oil industry. The NGO has evidence to show that since 2012, HSBC has been involved in arranging loans and other credit facilities totalling US$16.3bn for the six companies profiled in Greenpeace’s Dirty Bankers report.

Perhaps you would like to act on this? You may wish to sign Greenpeace’s petition aiming to have HSBC stop funding rainforest destruction. You may also wish to investigate further about what action you could take on this issue, which may include the role you might play in destruction.

WeLearn teaching Opportunity

Posted by Peter MUIR

WeLearn logo

Interested in social service or social entrepreneurship? Join WeLearn!

WeLearn is launching their second term soon, and would like to invite DC students to join them as teaching staff.

Founded by HKU students, WeLearn is the fastest growing project within HKU and is a serial funding recipient of Centre of Development and Resources for Students, HKU. It aims to serve junior secondary school underprivileged students which focuses on arousing their interest in learning and helping them to polish their English. It also serves as a platform to boost confidence, enhance creativity and widen exposure. Their programme is composed of a set of diverse and fun academic classes and activities in an encouraging and English-only environment.

DC students are invited to join as Academic Fellows (AFs) or Special Learning Coordinators (SLECs). AFs mainly design and deliver classes, while SLECs are responsible for planning and executing the extra-curricular activities. As teaching staff, you will be paired with an HKU student and will be expected to work together to form lesson plans and design activities. This is more than a mere CAS project – it is a great opportunity if you are looking for personal growth, development and, most importantly, FUN with the VIBRANT community!

WeLearn’s second term will run from February to March 2017. They will hold classes on 6 Saturdays at HKU beginning from 11th Feb, and all teaching staff are expected to be present for the whole session for the duration of the term (6 weeks). Teaching staff are also required to attend 2 training sessions prior to the start of the term, 21st and 28th Jan in the afternoon.

You may find out more about WeLearn from their website or contact Ernest (whatsapp: 9741-8472, email:

APPLY NOW to make a difference

*You must be able to cover your own food and transportation costs, to and from HKU.


An invitation to join GIN

Posted by Peter MUIR

gin852-logoGIN (the Global Issues Network) is composed of dedicated students who work together to tackle global issues in their communities, and is looking for committed and compassionate students to join! GIN852 – Hong Kong’s own network – will be hosting its conference in March this year. With the theme of “GINerating Change”, this year’s GIN852 Conference will be held at American International School, Kowloon Tong, on March 24 and 25, 2017. It is a student-led event that brings together students from around Hong Kong for two days of learning and discussion. This year’s theme stems from our hope to inspire the next generation of leaders to take make changes with a global focus!

The conference will involve key-note speakers, workshops, and other active learning activities. Participating students will also be hosting a workshop where they showcase what our school is doing to tackle global issues. Issues to consider include, but are not limited to:

  • Biodiversity/Environmental Degradation
  • Pollution
  • Conflict Prevention
  • Education for All
  • Global Infectious Diseases
  • Digital Divide
  • International Migration and Labour Rules
  • Access to Health Care
  • Women’s Rights and Coercion
  • Racial Discrimination

Please speak to Mr Muir if you are keen to get involved!

Community Journalism Project

Posted by Peter MUIR

ECP logo

Elephant Community Press is hosting a community journalism project and would like to invite DC students to apply to get involved!

ECP is offering a writing and photojournalism project that will help share stories about the lives and businesses of local Hong Kong food producers. Despite being a highly-urbanized city, Hong Kong is still home to local farms and producers of traditional products such as soya sauce and Chinese noodles. The project will involve interviewing and visiting different stakeholders, including farmers and traditional food producers, as well as NGOs, social enterprises, and chefs who are committed to sourcing food locally.

It provides an excellent opportunity to those interested in writing, especially those who are interested in or keen to get involved in journalism.

A maximum of 12 students, ages 15-17, will be selected from a variety of different schools, both local and international, to collaborate on a community journalism project. Preference is for students with bilingual English/Cantonese skills, with Chinese writing skills also an asset, but English-only students will also be considered.

The project will run from February-April with the final exhibition at the end of April/early May. I’ve attached a description of the project and the application form. As a community project, this workshop is offered at no cost to the participating students, but they must cover their own transportation costs to the workshop sessions and are asked to contribute $500 towards the exhibition costs. Applicants can also apply to ECP for a program subsidy for the exhibition cost.

The project will run from February – April 2017. It will involve a 9-week course for 2 hours/week (Mondays 5:00-7:00pm in Pottinger Street, Central) plus 2 on-site visits and 2 on-site interviews to be scheduled with your partner. Application deadline is 27th January.


Farm-to-table-journalism-project-application form