Amnesty Living in HK Awareness week

Posted by Peter MUIR


This week, DC’s Amnesty International Club will be hosting the following range of activities to raise awareness regarding the issue of caged homes in Hong Kong.

– Throughout the week, students will have access to a life sized caged home located in the main entrance hall.
*Please be warned to take care when interacting with the installation and as it is fragile*

– We will be hosting letter writing workshop/competition (with prizes involved) in room 2304 during Wednesday Lunch. (Participation might be able to be included in your CE portfolio for students in years 7-8)

– During block 5 on Friday, a representative from the ‘Society for Community Organization‘ will be giving a talk regarding the issue of (as well as solutions to) caged homes in Hong Kong.

– At lunch on Friday, we will be screening a short 20 to 25 minute, film created by us. Students are highly encouraged to attend.