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Kids4Kids Powered By Youth Forum

Posted by Peter MUIR

Kids4Kids – a Hong Kong-based NGO that empowers all youth to be socially responsible and community conscious – will be hosting its annual Powered By Youth Forum on November 12 and 19 at Australian International School Hong Kong.


Powered by Youth Forum focuses on developing well-rounded, forward-thinking leaders who excel in taking action and bringing change. It is currently the only youth event in Hong Kong that builds local community-led action from a global perspective of the UN’s Global Goals. Secondary school students learn from inspiring keynote speakers and work with professional facilitators in both skill- and issue-based workshops. Groups then transfer their new found powers and passion into creating their own Community Act!on Projects, and pitch to a judging panel for a chance to bring their ideas to life with up to HK$5,000. Successful projects join Act!on for a Cause and are allocated a Kids4Kids mentor to help deliver the project over January to June 2017 and measure its impact.

Why Powered By Youth? An unprecedented number of world leaders recently emphasized the role of youth in shaping a better future in their national statements during the UN General Assembly. 59 countries highlighted the importance of youth development and participation, recognizing young people’s contributions to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to international peace and security. Take action now and be a part of this world-changing movement.

DC students can get a discount to this event – please see Mr Muir if you are interested.

Box of Hope Toothpaste Drive

Posted by Peter MUIR

Imagine that you found it difficult to afford toothpaste.

There are many families in our region who have less access to resources, and as such find it difficult to buy everyday items such as toothpaste.

Next week (Monday 31st – Nov 4th) secondary students are asked to donate a tube of toothpaste that will be collected and distributed as a part of Box of Hope. SImply bring in a tube of new toothpaste and drop it off in the foyer before school. Your toothpaste will then be distributed to those with less acces to resources in HK and Asia.

To add a new element to this drive, the D Community Engagement Captains are adding a competition to see which house donates the least. That’s right, the house with the least toothpaste wins and gets house points! So bring in some toothpaste next week, place it in the collection box for one of the other houses, and know that you have done a little bit to help someone smile.


Ark Eden Leadership opportunity

Posted by Peter MUIR

Ark Eden is offering a course to not only develop your knowledge and skills in the areas of permaculture, but also provide you with an opportunity to develop your leadership skills.

The principle component of this year’s project will be to train particpants to manage and lead eco-activities with groups of young children attending Ark Eden Saturday Eco-Camps.  The skills that particpants will gain from getting involved in this course include:

  • Leadership, management, team work and communication
  • Effective teaching and learning methods
  • All elements of safety required in transporting and managing groups of young children
  • Researching, creating, planning, preparing, time-tabling and logistics for children’s eco-group activities

For more details, click on this link. But be quick – sign up is needed immediately! ark-eden-cas-project-2016-activity-leader-training-for-saturday-eco-camps


Elite ECAs courses

Posted by Peter MUIR

Elite ECAs is an organisation offering courses related to History and other areas of Individuals & Societies. The courses aim to not only give students a highly specialised set of professional skills they can learn and use, but to also offer a meaningful contribution to the wider community through community research activities.

Courses are best suited fro those who are interested in history of relevant fields and involve teaching then evaluating subject skills, and then the practical application of these skills in the local community.

Click here for more details on these courses