Daily Archives: September 26, 2016

HKRU Medical Team opportunity

Posted by Peter MUIR


HKRU is offering an opportunity for ESF school students to gain valuable first aid training and on-field experience with their medical team.

Participating students will have a chance to become trained in sports first aid, and will have the chance to put their skills and knowledge into practice by acting as medical staff at various rugby games and tournaments with the HKRU’s medical team. It is hoped that students will be able to use this experience and form their own school ‘First Aid Team’ that will provide first aid cover at school events, including rugby games of course.

This is a great opportunity for any students interested in pursuing a sports science or medical career, as they will meet and integrate with our multidisciplinary team of sports scientists, conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, dieticians, doctors, nurses and paramedics.

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