Foam Run Success

Posted by Peter MUIR


Pictured above (far right) is DC student Aashman Vyas (11R), who was a member of the organising team for the recent ‘Foam Run’ event.  The Foam Run, a 5km un-timed race where participants were faced with walls of foam, was developed by a group of students representing different secondary schools in Hong Kong.  The group got together to organise the event after a collective concern of the growing rates of the cases of type two diabetes in people aged below 19, which has increased tenfold in the last decade with little research is being done in Hong Kong to find new treatments.

Approximately twenty-five thousand dollars was raised in the event, with all of these proceeds being donated to the Hong Kong Institute of Diabetes and Obesity (HKIDO), an institute based in the Chinese University of Hong Kong that researches new approaches to diabetes care.

Well done to Aashman and his team!