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Run your own company!

Posted by Peter MUIR

Do you want to run your own school based company?
Junior Achievement Company Programme has a new system this year to allow students to join the programme individually. Students can form their own self-initiated school teams or joint-school teams, and enroll direct with JA HK with the “open track” system. One person must act as the co-ordinator, with the expectation that they be a Company Programme alumnus, a Parent Teacher Association representative, a social worker or another adult.

This would be a great opportunity for you to use your creativity while developing your business skills.  It also presents a great chance for social entrepreneurship – business that will benefit community members!

You may find more details here, with an enroll link also found on this page.
Alternatively contact JA directly if you have any questions!
JA contact details:  Esan Lee (Program Manager)
Junior Achievement Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 3426 3143 Fax: (852) 2526 2153 Email:

DB Green Movie night “Just Eat It”

Posted by Peter MUIR

DBgreenmovienightDB Green is kicking of their “Films 4 Change Movie Nights” this evening.  These movie nights will be a monthly event showcasing documentary films with important and relevant themes on the environment, sustainability and health.

The aim of these community events are to encourage conversation and action within the community and how we can all make a difference or be a part of the change. To facilitate this discussion guest experts will be invited to talk to the audience about the issue depicted in the movie and how it relates to Hong Kong.

This evening’s entertaining yet important film is “Just Eat it” and is about food waste issues. After the film you will have a chance to hear about what is happening in Hong Kong regarding food waste issues and what one of HK’s foremost food waste charities, Feeding Hong Kong,  is doing to help feed those in need whilst reducing food waste going to landfill.

Foam Run Success

Posted by Peter MUIR


Pictured above (far right) is DC student Aashman Vyas (11R), who was a member of the organising team for the recent ‘Foam Run’ event.  The Foam Run, a 5km un-timed race where participants were faced with walls of foam, was developed by a group of students representing different secondary schools in Hong Kong.  The group got together to organise the event after a collective concern of the growing rates of the cases of type two diabetes in people aged below 19, which has increased tenfold in the last decade with little research is being done in Hong Kong to find new treatments.

Approximately twenty-five thousand dollars was raised in the event, with all of these proceeds being donated to the Hong Kong Institute of Diabetes and Obesity (HKIDO), an institute based in the Chinese University of Hong Kong that researches new approaches to diabetes care.

Well done to Aashman and his team!

Join the DC Reading Challenge!

Posted by Peter MUIR


Join the DC Reading Challenge and help DC reach our goal – to raise HK$50,000 for the Library Project!

The Library Project donates books and libraries to under financed rural primary schools and orphanages in Asia, with the understanding that education and reading is the key motivator to breaking the cycle of poverty that exists in the developing world.

The DC Reading Challenge will involve you getting your friends and family to sponsor you to read as many books as you can in the month of May! The money we raise will go towards setting up a reading room or a reading library in a local primary school in Guangdong province.

See the Library Staff for more information!

Kids4Kids Buddy Reading Programme

Posted by Peter MUIR

Kids4Kids have started off their new round of their Buddy Reading Program, a project established to bring the enjoyment and benefits of storytelling to children who would otherwise not have the experience at home or school.

k4k buddy reading logo

On a weekly basis, volunteers aged between 8 and 17 visit various local community centres and schools to read age-appropriate stories to children. These sessions are led by a volunteer leader who is responsible for planning, running and overseeing each session.

The children at the community centres and schools get a chance to be read to and take part in fun ice-breaking and learning games during the reading session, which lasts for 1.5 to 2 hours.

To sign up as a buddy reading volunteer or to find out more details, visit the Buddy Reading Program website.

Sharing for a Cause

Posted by Peter MUIR

sharing4acauseDiscovery College will be a collection point for the Sharing for a Cause campaign, organiged by Kids4Kids. The mission of this campaign is to alleviate the problem of invisible poverty by collecting donations from those who want to help and give to those without.

The theme for this year is “Educational Tools for School”

Please donate any computer equipment or stationary items that are in good condition to the drop off boxes which are outside Discovery College’s PTA Shop.

  • Stationery Items
  • Notebooks and binders
    Art supplies & Writing tools
  • Miscellaneous: staplers, hole punches etc.
  • Computer Equipment
  • Computers & Laptops (Processor: Core 2 Duo or above, Age: 4 years or less)
  • iPads and Tablets
  • Power cables, Keyboards, Hard drives
  • Computer Mouse