Daily Archives: March 17, 2016

The unrecognised importance of Research

Posted by Peter MUIR

researchSomething that students are constantly told is to back up our statements with facts, and provide data as evidence in essays, reports and labs. that is, student must research!  What might not be realised is that these research skills connect directly to the world of advocacy, activism, and bringing about genuine change. For example, to demand stricter environmental efforts, we must first provide evidence – from research – showing the current state and the objective need for change. . A research report is more influential than most perceive, and can result in transformative action. Research in itself can be a form of service.

Take this research from WWF in Hong Kong, who found that doorless fridges in Hong Kong’s grocery retail stores contribute an estimated 51,000 tonnes of “unnecessary” carbon into our atmosphere.  This research, or this service, is leading to action, with a move to advocate the HK government to introduce laws about requirements for doors on all refrigerators.