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Earth Day 2016

Posted by Peter MUIR

Earth Day is approaching (April 22nd), and needless to say, planet Earth needs our love and attention ASAP! What could you do to take action in helping out our planet? Consider some of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, five of which are related to environmental issues: SDG #7- Renewable Energy, #12- Responsible Consumption, #13- Climate Change, #14- Life Below Water, and #15- Life on Land.

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A few ideas for Community Engagement include:
Indirect action: Educate others about the quantity of food they throw out and the resulting impact. Host an e-waste recycling drive to decrease the amount of toxic chemicals released into the environment when people throw away their electronic equipment
Direct action: take part in a coastal clean-up; orgnaise a tree planting day with Ark Eden
Advocacy:  Encourage the HK government to strengthen policies that protect the environment.
Research: Create a report that outlines the impact that our mobile devices have on a particular aspect of the environment