Speak Out now

Posted by Peter MUIR

amnestyspeakoutnowDo you think refugees in Syria are treated fairly? What are your opinions on the current refugee crisis? Or cases related to child labour?

SPEAK OUT NOW campaign will focus on current issues based on human rights. This opportunity will enable you to express yourself through the arts field, as well as raise awareness on important current issues in your school communities.

Amnesty International Hong Kong is looking for contributors to showcase work that speaks out through their school e-newsletters. Formats include, but not limited to: opinion pieces, academic works (e.g. formative and/or summative assessments), artwork, poems, short stories, testimonies.

The students that are selected to submit their work on the school e-newsletters will have the chance to win a secret gift awarded from Amnesty International, as well as a certificate!

For artworks, the file should be sent in a JPEG or PDF file, whereas written articles need to be around 400-500 words in English. Although themes and submission of works are versatile, Amnesty International Hong Kong will have the final decision towards the publication of works. Send your work to: hre@amnesty.org.hk.