The Happiness Project

Posted by Peter MUIR

happinessA message from Year 10 students, whose Community Engagement project goal is – happiness in DC!

Over the course of next week, we will be handing out ‘Smile Cards’ to each Secondary Learning Team. The smile cards are small laminated cards that will travel around the school. If you receive a smile card, it is your responsibility to perform a small act of kindness. Our goal for the smile cards is to create more healthy relationships between students, and not necessarily your best friends, or even someone in your year level. Our aim is for everyone in Secondary to have received the card at least once.
We will also start an Instagram challenge. In order to participate, you must post a photo on Instagram of you with a piece of paper with either: why you choose to be kind, what makes you smile, a kindness statistic or something you can do to be kind, written on it. Tag a few people and use the hashtag, #spreadthesmilesig. The people that are tagged should do the same. This part of our project doesn’t have to be strictly Secondary.

Stay tuned for more information