UNICEF club members wanted

Posted by Peter MUIR

UniceflogoA message from the UNICEF club…

The UNICEF Club at DC is currently comprised only of Year 13s, and since we’re busy with exams we need YOU to step up and be part of the new UNICEF Club. Previously the UNICEF Club has organized events such as Christmas Post Office and Teacher Dress Up day – as part of UNICEF club, you could keep these going or organize new events!

This is also a great opportunity to take principled action – and it would also be a good part of your CAS portfolio. If you choose to be a member of UNICEF Club at DC, you’ll be required to host at least 2 events each year and at the end of each year you will receive a certificate stating your participation. You have the chance to be secretary, treasurer or even Chairman of UNICEF Club!!

If you’re interested, please email kathy.lau@dc.edu.hk for more details!