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Design a t-shirt for Science Week

Posted by Peter MUIR

science week shirtDC’s Science week is scheduled to occur in June, and with the Science department wearing Science themed t-shirts during the event, they are wanting a creative student to design their shirt! Be creative while also considering how science can be expressed on a shirt.

Please submit your proposed Science t-shirt design to Mr Power ( by Monday 21st of March.  The student who submits the winning design will have the honour of the design being used for Science Week, and will receive a t-shirt with the winning design!

Involvement in this activity can count towards CAS/CE requirements.

Help Organise the DC Science fair

Posted by Peter MUIR

sciencefairInterested in science? keen to develop you vent organization skills?

Then get involved in DC’s very first Science fair!

The DC Science Department intends to organise a science fair, and is looking for committed students to assist. The role would be in planning all aspects of the vent, under the supervision and guidance of science teachers.

Only students in Years 11 or 12 may apply. If you are interested, please email Mr Power ( indicating what skills/abilities that you have that would help us to advertise, organise and run a successful Science Fair. Deadline is Friday 5th of February.

Involvement in this activity can count towards CAS/CE requirements.

DC students receive $3,000 grant

Posted by Peter MUIR

Action4acauseA group of DC students who will work with Christian Action’s Chungking Mansions Service Centre has won a HK$3,000 grant to implement their project. The group, which will provide Cantonese and Visual Arts lessons to refugees who are members of the Chungking Mansions Service Centre, were awarded the grant as a part of Kids4Kids ‘Act!on for a Cause’ campaign. This campaign aims at mobilizing youth from diverse backgrounds to take action on real life social issues. Members of the DC student group this week presented their project details at the Kids4Kids centre in Wan Chai. Their project will
provide educational and recreational opportunities for adult refugees. Funds from the grant will be used to cover a part of the costs for refugees to travel to DC where lessons will be held.

Happiness Project Instagram challenge

Posted by Peter MUIR

Happiness instagramAs a part of their ‘Happiness Project’ some Year 10 students are organising an Instagram challenge. In order to participate, you must post a photo on Instagram of you with a piece of paper with either: why you choose to be kind, what makes you smile, a kindness statistic or something you can do to be kind, written on it. Tag a few people and use the hashtag, #spreadthesmilesig.  By tagging other people, you are challenging them to then post their own picture with words related to happiness.

The Happiness Project

Posted by Peter MUIR

happinessA message from Year 10 students, whose Community Engagement project goal is – happiness in DC!

Over the course of next week, we will be handing out ‘Smile Cards’ to each Secondary Learning Team. The smile cards are small laminated cards that will travel around the school. If you receive a smile card, it is your responsibility to perform a small act of kindness. Our goal for the smile cards is to create more healthy relationships between students, and not necessarily your best friends, or even someone in your year level. Our aim is for everyone in Secondary to have received the card at least once.
We will also start an Instagram challenge. In order to participate, you must post a photo on Instagram of you with a piece of paper with either: why you choose to be kind, what makes you smile, a kindness statistic or something you can do to be kind, written on it. Tag a few people and use the hashtag, #spreadthesmilesig. The people that are tagged should do the same. This part of our project doesn’t have to be strictly Secondary.

Stay tuned for more information

A straw-free DB?

Posted by Peter MUIR


US-based NGO Ecocycle has calculated that 500 million straws are used in the US every day. These calculations were based on estimates provided by straw manufacturers. This figure does not include all of the straws attached to juice and milk cartons which has led to some thinking that 500 million is too low.

What would 500 million straws look like? 500 million straws could fill over 127 buses each day, or more than 46,400 buses every year of non-biodegradable plastic. I wonder how many straws are used in Hong Kong per year? Or how many are used here in DC?

An idea for a CAS or CE project would be to investigate the use of straws in DB, then advocate restaurants and citizens to change their practices in their use of straws. Perhaps your long term goal would be a commitment for DB to become a straw-free community! Check out these ideas on creating a straw free project on the Eco Cycle website.

DC Amnesty International refugee awareness week

Posted by Peter MUIR

amnesty logoThe DC Amnesty International Group will be hosting a refugee awareness week. Amnesty International actively strives to protect the rights of refugees. In the recent European Union refugee crisis, Amnesty International has petitioned the EU to allow refugees a safe passageway into the EU- that of which has prompted the response of over 280,000 people. Although the EU continue to show minimal commitment to this issue, AI continues to press this issue to ensure refugee the rights they deserve. Currently there are around 10,000 refugees in Hong Kong, who receive minimal support form the HK government.

Over the course of the next week the DC Amnesty International Group will be hosting various fundraising events within which your participation would be much appreciated.

Photo Exhibition
There will be a photo exhibition throughout the whole week in the foyer depicting photos and information about refugees to give you a visual perspective on their issues. They are pictures of real refugees and hopefully will inspire you into taking the first steps towards helping these people get through the struggles they face.

Amnesty Rep Talk (Y10 and Y11)
We have also invited a representative from Amnesty International HK to come over and give a talk about refugees and how you can help out with the issue.
When: 27th of January, 1st Block (LT)
Where: Theatre

Yellow Ribbons/Hair Spray
We will also be selling yellow ribbons for $5 which you can buy and wear to show your support to the cause. (All proceeds will go to Amnesty International to help HK refugees)
When: Before school and Lunch time everyday of the week
Where: Foyer

Donation Box
There will also be a donation box in the foyer throughout the week

DC Cobras Dragon Boat Leaders required

Posted by Peter MUIR

COBRA BLACK REDAre you keen to support DC???

Do you want to be part of a winning team? Are you looking for a Community Engagement (MYP) of CAS (DP) Project?

Than We Have an Opportunity For You!!! Sign up to become a DC Cobras Dragon Boat Leader today!

In 2016, Discovery College, will again enter the Discovery Bay Dragon Boating Races with two teams, one youth team made up of DC students and one adult team made up of parents and staff. This is a great event for students to get involved in. And as a Dragon Boat Leader you won’t just be paddling – your task will include the poster and shirt design, team recruitment, marketing campaigns, race-day budget, sponsor sign-up and the preparation of the training schedules.

This activity will run from 1 February 2016 – 1 July 2016 and you will be supported by an external coach and, as this is a PTA-run event, the marketing co-ordinator of the DCPTA to help you make this event the most successful ever.

Be quick, there is only space for three students from either Y10, Y11 or Y12 to act as team leader.

Sign up here now! 

Community Engagement Grant available

Posted by Peter MUIR

ACAMIS (The Association of China and Mongolia International Schools) Service Grants provide financial support for student initiatives in service learning in the ACAMIS host countries, China and Mongolia.

Awards are made to individuals or groups that require students to:

  • apply academic, social and personal skills to support and improve the community;
  • make decisions that will lead to authentic outcomes;
  • grow as individuals and increase community engagement;
  • gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their community, and society;
  • develop as leaders who take initiative, solve problems, work as a team, and demonstrate their abilities while and through helping others. 

Up to USD2,500 may be awarded to successful individuals or groups as determined by the ACAMIS Board.

Please see Mr Muir if you are interested in applying.

UNICEF club members wanted

Posted by Peter MUIR

UniceflogoA message from the UNICEF club…

The UNICEF Club at DC is currently comprised only of Year 13s, and since we’re busy with exams we need YOU to step up and be part of the new UNICEF Club. Previously the UNICEF Club has organized events such as Christmas Post Office and Teacher Dress Up day – as part of UNICEF club, you could keep these going or organize new events!

This is also a great opportunity to take principled action – and it would also be a good part of your CAS portfolio. If you choose to be a member of UNICEF Club at DC, you’ll be required to host at least 2 events each year and at the end of each year you will receive a certificate stating your participation. You have the chance to be secretary, treasurer or even Chairman of UNICEF Club!!

If you’re interested, please email for more details!