Supporting the Mission For Migrant Workers

Posted by Peter MUIR

The Mission for Migrant Workers (MFMW) prides itself as the leading service and advocacy institution for migrants in Hong Kong and is the longest existing in Asia, providing services to migrants of different nationalities for 34 years now.

In 2014 alone, more than 4,100 migrants in distress were provided direct welfare assistance including paralegal counseling, case assistance referrals to professional services, and temporary shelter. In addition, more than 8,000 migrants benefitted from mobile counseling and other services through their Give Care to Our Caregivers program where individual supporters and professional groups share their time and skills to make migrant domestic workers feel they are cared for also by the Hong Kong people.

With the steady increase and quick turnover of foreign domestic workers mostly women from underdeveloped or developing countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, the condition of foreign domestic workers has not changed as policies reflecting adverse social attitudes towards migrants continue to dominate their living and working condition and good policies need yet to be fully implemented.

The MFMW is looking for your support so that they can continue their efforts.  What could you do as a part of your Community Engagement to support them?