Year 11/12 Students needed to Teach

Posted by Peter MUIR

CKMSC-logo-A message from students leading the Chung King Mansion Refugee Service Centre group:

Hi Years 11 and 12!

We need your skills! Christian Action, a local refugee organisation is in need of help. Each year hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers enter Hong Kong, some staying for up to 10 years without the opportunity to work. Most of them are outsiders socially and have limited skills to navigate Hong Kong. DC is providing Visual Arts and Cantonese language skills to these refugees. The lessons will start early next year – after school for a hour and half – continuing on for once a week, for many weeks, but we need to begin planning so they are successful!

Here is the link to the sign up sheet to help refugees and asylum seekers:

If you have any skills in Cantonese and Visual Arts, or even interest, please put your name down! If you have any other skills to offer don’t be afraid to contact: or

More information will come soon, after we have enough people signed up!