Protect our elephants

Posted by Peter MUIR

wwf_elephants_eEvery year in Africa, over 30,000 elephants are killed, primarily to satisfy the demand for ivory in Asia. A new report by WWF-Hong Kong reveals seven fundamental weaknesses in the regulation of Hong Kong’s ivory market. These weaknesses enable illegal activities to flourish in the city, including the entry of smuggled ivory from poached elephants and the “laundering” of this illegal ivory through the city’s legal stock. As a result, Hong Kong is directly fuelling the poaching of elephants in Africa.

WWF are calling on the government to rewrite the future of elephants by banning the sale and processing of ivory in Hong Kong. Your support is vital to the survival of these majestic animals. Sign the petition now to show that you care about saving Africa’s elephants.  But that is not all you could do – get involved in taking further action.  Use the Community Engagement framework to assist you in developing your ideas to help reduce Hong Kong’s importation of illegal ivory.