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Learn Decoupage

Posted by Peter MUIR

Year 7 students are invited to learn decoupage – an opportunity for you to be creative!

It also provides an opportunity to ‘upcycle’ – to reuse wasted material, turning items such as mooncake boxes, etc, to become useable containers


the activity will be held Tuesday lunchtimes (4-5 sessions starting in October).  Limited places are available. Getting involved in this activty may even develop into something more, with participations given the opportunity to become leaders in teaching younger DC students decoupage.

Interested students are requested to email Kate before 23 September. (Email address: kate.tse@dc.ed.hk)


Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Collection

Posted by Peter MUIR

electronic wasteWEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) disposal poses a number of health risks that need to be adequately managed (including arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury and certain flame retardants).

There is a WEEE collection near the post office in DB this Saturday. See your lobby or management office for the notice of times. This opportunity doesn’t happen very often so please take advantage of it!

And why not explore this as a Community Engagement Project?  Investigation the issue and possible solutions for collection, and developing a plan to reduce, reuse and recycle WEEE.

DC Community Engagement Fair

Posted by Peter MUIR


Looking for ideas or opportunities for Community Engagement?

The DC Community Engagement Fair will involve NGOs, community organizations and DC students sharing details of their involvement in the community.  It aims to provide secondary DC students with the opportunity to learn about the work that is conducted by various organizations and the local issues that they aim to address, and inform students of the opportunities for them to get involved in as a part of both the IB Diploma (CAS) and IB MYP (Community Engagement) work.

DC students are encouraged to spend a few minutes visiting the stalls of exhibiters and asking questions about what they do, and what opportunities there are to join them in their work. Consider how you could connect with the NGOs and community groups as a part of your Community Engagement or CAS.

The DC Community Engagement fair will be held in the DC Foyer during Secondary lunch time (1.30-2.20pm) on Monday September 21.