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Green Cobras looking for members

Posted by Peter MUIR

Are you interested in taking steps to make DC ‘greener’?

Keen to get involved in a meaningful Community Engagement project?
Here is your chance! The environmental problems of today are pretty important. Not only are they seriously impacting our world and our future, but they affect our lives on a daily basis.
1. Pollution? How many times have you looked out your classroom window and said “it’s a nice day”. Yeah, not too many.
2. Climate Change? The average temperature in Hong Kong has gone up by about 1.5ºC since 1885.
3. Overuse of resources? We in Hong Kong require the equivalent of 3.1 Earths for our resource consumption patterns.

The DC Green Cobras is looking for committed students who are keen to see changes in addressing environmental issues.  if you are interested in taking steps to improve these problems within our school environment, please email us at jordan.noffke@dc.edu.hk and we will send you an email detailing our first meeting.