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Taking action on HK’s ivory trade

Posted by Peter MUIR

HKIvoryEach year, at least 30,000 elephants are killed in Africa for their tusks, primarily to satisfy the demand for ivory products in Asia. Hong Kong has just been revealed as the world’s number one city for ivory retailing: 30,856 ivory items were found on sale in its main tourist areas, far more than any other surveyed city.

What action could you take to take steps in reducing HK’s ivory trade?  Click here and here to find out what some other students in HK are doing, and consider joining this advocacy campaign as a part of your Community Engagement.

WWF’s Walk for Nature open for enrolment

Posted by Peter MUIR

WWF Walk for nature2015WWF-Hong Kong’s annual fundraising and outreach event, Walk for Nature, will be held at the Mai Po Nature Reserve on 7 and 8 November this year. The theme for this year’s walk is “Mai Po: A Kaleidoscope of Living Creatures”. Apart from enjoying Mai Po’s breath-taking scenery, participants can also become “citizen scientists”  for a day by taking part in interactive games and using various types of equipment like infrared cameras, moth traps and others to understand how this work assists the conservation and sustainable development of Mai Po. As usual, all funds raised from the event will be used to support WWF’s conservation and education work.

Combined with some additional investigation, this could lead to a research method of service, and could be a meaningful part of your Community Engagement!

Click here for more details

Cycle for Life Cambodia

Posted by Peter MUIR

Life Cycle Logo

Life Cycle Asia will be hosting an experience of a lifetime in Cambodia next February. The Cycle for Life is a 400km cycle journey that combines the best of personal challenge, charitable contribution and tourism with an authentic edge. This event provides you with a fantastic opportunity to:

  • soak in a stunning country at a enjoyable pace
  • experience a side of Cambodian life the average tourist would miss
  • visit inspiring initiatives to get a sense of “what’s working” in the fight against poverty and slavery
  • raise funds for four smart initiatives that are transforming the lives of Cambodians in vulnerable circumstances.

This event, held Friday 5th – Sunday 14th February 2016, is hosted by Life Cycle Asia Limited, a registered charity in Hong Kong, and 100% of funds raised will support the work Life Cycle does for people at risk of, or, being released from the grip of extreme poverty and modern day slavery in Asia.  And a great opportunity for Community Engagement!

More details can be found in this Cambodia Cycle for Life – Info Pack, or contact Steve Chitty from Life Cycle on

Applications for Community Engagement Captians

Posted by Peter MUIR



Students in Years 7-12 are invited to apply for a position as a Community Engagement Captains. The Community Engagement (CE) Captains will consist of elected student members who will play a role in managing and developing Discovery College’s CE activities. This leadership opportunity will enable successful applicants to develop communication skills, skills in promotion and marketing, organisational skills, and foster information literacy and social capital.

The CE Captain’s role will include:

  • Encourage and support student CE efforts
  • Promote CE activities within the school
  • Assist in developing and reviewing a DC CE plan
  • Authorize proposals for student run CE events
  • Approve student proposals for CE clubs in the school
  • Liaise with Secondary leadership team about CE activities
  • Communicate CE activities to parents and the broader community
  • Prepare annual CE reports
  • Contribute to a review of DC’s efforts in CE
  • Where applicable, representing DC at external CE events
  • Meeting fortnightly with the Community Engagement Coordinator

Successful applicants will have:

  • Demonstrated development in each of the IB Learner profile attributes
  • Be able to commit to attend fortnightly meetings
  • A willingness to commit to Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Captains will be (maximum) two student representatives from each of Years 7-12. We are looking for a broad representation of the student body to become CE Captains: from those who are often centre-stage, to those who enjoy playing supporting roles.

To apply for this position, students will be required to give a brief summary of what Community Engagement means to them, and provide some examples of how you see Community Engagement evolving in DC.   Deans, secondary leadership team and the Community Engagement coordinator will then select successful applicants. Students who do not currently hold leadership positions in the school are strongly encouraged to apply.  Click here to apply.



Your role in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals

Posted by Peter MUIR

It was International Youth day earlier this week (August 12th). During an event to celebrate this day at the United Nations, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke about the key role that todays youth have in reaching the newly introduced Sustainable Development Goals.
“Young people… are rising up to challenge power structures… speaking out for justice and human rights… and advocating global action for people and the planet” he said.

International youth day“The sustainable development goals are for you – and they will only be achieved with you. This is the largest generation of young people in history – and with this agenda, they can shape history. A child who is ten will come of age with the sustainable development goals. I call today’s youth the ‘SDG generation.

On International Youth Day, I call on the world’s young people to join forces with the United Nations. Use your strength to advance our goals for a better future. Together, we can create a life of dignity for all.”

So as we kick off another school year, one which you are again asked to actively participate in Community Engagement, keep in mind Ban Ki-moon’s thoughts on the role that you can play in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.

HK Shark foundation looking for support

Posted by Peter MUIR

HKSFThe HK Shark Foundation will host a charity booth at Slide the City HK. They are looking for volunteers to help to hand out flyers, set up the banners, posters and boards, collect floaties for recycling, help with their charity sale and wear the shark outfit to spread the message of shark conservation.

Date: 22-24 August 2015 (Sat- Mon)
Venue: Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Baggage Hall and Outdoor Apron Area

If you’re available, please fill in the online application form. HKSF will then send you more details. Any help is welcome, so bring along as many friends as you can!  For more information about the event, please visit HKSF Facebook Page and Slide the City HK Website.

Join the global climate march

Posted by Peter MUIR

climate_boatThere is much evidence that climate change is playing havoc on our planet, and despite some thoughts it may not be our fault, there is convincing evidence to point out that mankind is altering the climate of our planet. While you/we have the chance to take actions every single day to lesson our impact on our planet, we have a major chance to get our leaders to make big changes in the upcoming climate summit in Paris. This summit, the biggest climate summit of the decade, is just four months away. In this time we need to convince our leaders leaders to agree to end fossil fuels for good.

Lat year, a 41-million-person global campaign network that works to ensure that the views and values of the world’s people shape global decision-making, helped create the biggest climate mobilisation in history at the People’s Climate March. They are now aiming for something even larger, to be held on November 29th, hours before leaders arrive at the Paris climate summit.

Not only could you sign up to receive news about events that you can join here in Hong Kong, you could use the toolkit supplied by to organize your own event here in HK.