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Crossroads needs your support

Posted by Peter MUIR

crossroads logoCrossroads has been helping and educating thousands over the years, and is now in need of support.  Please see below a message from the Founders and Directors of Crossroads – it would be great if you could follow their directions and give them your support.




Dear friends of Crossroads,

We are writing with a request to place before you, if you felt comfortable with it.

As you may have heard, we have recently been told we must vacate our current premises by the end of October as it will be sold for apartment blocks. The government has offered other sites, but nothing is actually workable. Our advisers tell us it is impossible for us to use the kinds of sites suggested. Some major potential donors have looked at them as well and tell us that, while they would like to support the future of Crossroads, they would not do so these unsuitable locations or on the terms offered. Q and A here.

Thus, we are required to leave but have not been given a suitable site to move to.

If (and only if) you felt comfortable, we would be deeply grateful if you could write a note to CY Leung saying that you feel Crossroads is of value to Hong Kong, and the world, asking him to ensure the government gives Crossroads a solution which would allow the work to continue.

TVB Pearl recently covered this as part of a programme that looked at charities being taken off GIC land as it is re-zoned for housing, along with some environmental considerations happening separately. With that programme now aired, we have been advised that it would be reasonable for friends of Crossroads to write to the government expressing concern that a workable solution be found.

Please forgive us that this is coming as a circular letter, rather than an individualised one. We are using this format because it is allowing us to reach our friends quickly.

The letter, we are advised, need not be long and it could be written in Chinese or English. It could cover the following ground:
You know that the property used by Crossroads is being developed for housing.
You know that Crossroads, because of the nature of its work, needs a permanent solution.
You know that Crossroads, in the absence of viable options, may need to close.
You consider it would be unfortunate to see Crossroads close as you believe its services/efforts to be valuable because… we feel awkward asking you to endorse us in this way but you may like to reference, for example: 

  • volunteer activities, if undertaken 
  • simulation x-periences (experiential learning activities), if undertaken 
  • goods, if received, in alleviating need within Hong Kong 
  • Crossroads’ contribution internationally

A suggested structure might be as follows: Crossroads is providing services that are of value to Hong Kong’s poor in alleviating their material needs / students in widening their horizons and developing empathy / adults in fostering their concern for the less privileged in the human community / international image as a city that cares about the less fortunate around the world.

The letter could be addressed to:
Mr C Y Leung
Office of the Chief Executive
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
People’s Republic of China
Tamar, Hong Kong
Fax : (852) 2509 0580

We suggest the letter be mailed. (Note: The letter should not be addressed to us, but directly to Mr Leung. You’d be welcome to cc us on the letter, however, if you would like. Email is fine for our copy.)

Our understanding is that this is urgent and needs to happen, if at all possible, within days, rather than weeks. We do apologise for the urgency. It has just now become possible, given this week’s TV coverage, but time is very short.

If we are not granted suitable land will we need to close? We are advised that this is unlikely if it is made evident that the Hong Kong community values this work. Hence our writing to you.

In order better to communicate the thoughts of the professional community on this matter, the letter ideally would be on company letterhead, signed by you, in your functioning capacity.

While such a letter would be a great help to us, please know that if you are uncomfortable writing one, in any way, we would more than understand.

Yours with sincere gratitude,

Malcolm & Sally Begbie

Sign to take action

Posted by Peter MUIR

earthday logoRegardless of your religious affiliation, you have to agree that the Pope is an extremely influential person, which makes his message he made this week about looking after our Earth very important. And one that must be listened to. In his encyclical he calls on all of us to stop abusing the Earth’s resources and make the sacrifices necessary to combat climate change – before it’s too late.

Aside from the steps that you can take such as reducing your consumption and your eco-footprint, you can also play a part in influencing our political leaders to tackle pollution and greenhouse gases, and transition to clean energy. The Earth Day Network is joining Pope Francis in calling on world leaders to take bold action against climate change and is asking you to join them today. Sign this petition add your name today!

The Kitchen Has Been Saved!

Posted by Peter MUIR

saveckkitchenlogosmallThank you to all students who participated in the Save the Kitchen Bake Off event. After counting all team earnings, the event has raised over $13,000.  With additional sponsorship for the kitchen services as well as DC’s event, the kitchen at the Chungking Mansion Service center has been saved!

The winners of the Save the kitchen bake off are as follows:

First Place Winners:

Primary – Baking Queens ($1,206)

Secondary – De Crazie Bakers ($1,951)

Second Place:

Primary – Bakein bitz ($1,197)
Secondary – Bakinlicious ($1,798)

Thank you once again for your support, and winners please email to collect your prizes!