WWF Coastal Watch

Posted by Peter MUIR

Join WWF’s Coastal Watch today!


The plastic pellet spill disaster of August 2012 marked a watershed moment for Hong Kong’s marine environment. While the pellet spill crisis has abated, the physical effects of marine debris are a constant presence on Hong Kong’s beaches and coastlines. The spirit behind WWF-Hong Kong’s Coastal Watch project is to bring forward this momentum to cherish our oceans and keep them clean. Coastal Watch will aim to use scientifically-sound methodologies to study, protect and provide year-round monitoring for all of Hong Kong’s ecologically valuable coastal habitats.

If you are aged 14 or above, physically fit, able to work outdoors and keen on marine conservation, then now is your chance to make a contribution! WWF are recruiting volunteer teams from businesses, social enterprises, schools, government departments and communities across Hong Kong to join Coastal Watch, their unique marine conservation project. Teams will conduct surveys and clean-ups in coastal areas of ecological importance. The application period runs from today to 7 June 2015. Don’t hesitate – team up with your friends and protect our threatened coastlines together. Group size: 20 to 30 people for coastal teams, 10 to 15 people for underwater teams.