Daily Archives: May 24, 2015

PTA Assistance

Posted by Peter MUIR

DC PTA is looking for volunteers to assist them at the start of next school year.

They need help with:
1. Organising and setting up the retail shop and processing new uniform shipments on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th August from 10am-2pm (2 students).   Role will involve cCounting /checking inventory against invoice/replenishing stock and tidying shop/stock room ready for the new school year.

2. Assistance during the initial PTA shop open days, Friday 7th, Saturday 8th, Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th. Hours needed will be from 9am-2pm and we will need minimum 6 students each day. Duties will involve filling orders, checking orders, sorting stock. Selling stationery, and manning pre-order goods table, ensuring correct package goes to correct family. Organising exchanges and lastly helping sales on the second hand table.

Getting involved would be accepted as CE for students in years 7-9. If you can help out please email pta@discovery.edu.hk.