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Earth Hour

Posted by Peter MUIR


Earth Hour is approaching!  Whether or not there are DC-based activities to spread awareness about this cause, you can get involved!

The spirit of Earth Hour is about much more than switching our lights off at the designated hour. To truly create a better future for the Earth, we all need to make small changes in our daily lives. Our “One Earth Mission” campaign has been opened for applications, with a number of activities in the Clothing, Food, Living and Transportation categories. To get involved in the “One Earth Mission”, please visit here and register!

International Day of Happiness

Posted by Peter MUIR

The International Day of Happiness is on Friday, 20 March.  As this day approaches, it is a good time to consider – what does happiness mean to you?  What does the happiness of others mean to you?  In what ways to you make other people happy?  Consider these questions as you think how you could make contributing to the happiness of others as a part of your Community Engagement activities.  Keep in mind that research has shown that being kind to others actually has a positive impact on your own wellness and state of mind.   This resource outlines that acts of kindness and doing things for others can:

  • reduce stress
  • improve emotional wellbeing
  • benefit physical health
  • bring a sense of belonging and reduce isolation
  • get rid of negative feelings

Take a look here at some resources and ideas here, here and here for taking steps to making others happy.

Earth Hour 2015

Posted by Peter MUIR


Earth Hour 2015 is approaching! Take the opportunity to get involved in the world’s largest collective environmental action to do your part to help address environmental concerns. Do you know that we are over consuming the resources of our planet? If everyone on earth consumed resources at the same rate as Hong Kong, the humanity would need 3.1 Earths to support our demand of resources. Earth Hour means much more than saving the energy of the hour. It is to inspire and remind us to make small changes on our habits that reduce our negative impact to the nature.

The theme of Earth Hour 2015 is “One Hour for One Bright Future”. Are you ready to make some small changes to create a bright future? We can switch the unnecessary lights off, swap your be-loved clothing with friends instead of buying new one, follow the “Sustainable Seafood Guide” while purchasing seafood, etc.

Take the opportunity to join the crowd in over 162 countries by switching the lights off at the designated hour. This simple act shows that we care about our earth. Earth Hour will be held on Saturday, 28 March 2015 8:30pm. Visit the official Earth Hour website to make a pledge and commit to the Earth’s future.