Summer Volunteering opportunity in Indonesia

Posted by Peter MUIR

tasikoki logoESF in cooperation with the Masarang Foundation want to offer you a fantastic volunteer opportunity at Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Masarang Foundation is an inspirational organization that is making real changes and finding real solutions for today’s global problems. Our students will have the chance to play a role in this change at Tasikoki by helping in the rehabilitation and care for the animals of Tasikoki who have been rescued from the illegal animal trade.

At ESF we are continually trying to find ways to improve the learning experience as well as preparing our students for their futures. This volunteer opportunity will give our students the experience of volunteering/working full time, which will contribute towards their growth as an individual and further prepare them for what’s ahead. It is becoming an increasingly competitive world and our students are competing with thousands of other International Students for placements in Universities or the workplace. What will separate the students future applications from the others are valuable hands-on experiences such as this.

This project will embody what the IB CAS program represents which is activities that give our students the chance to take on challenges that will develop them holistically. The students will also get a ‘head start’ in learning what the expectations for a CAS project are for their upcoming senior years at school. Furthermore our students will have pre and post-trip opportunities to work with the Masarang HK Society Limited registered charity in Hong Kong ( These opportunities could form a large component of their CAS program.

The date of the project will be from June 18th – July 2nd, 2015 and students will be selected from each of the ESF schools based on a written letter of application stating why they want to be involved in this project. Most students would have finished their Year 11 exams so the timeframe suits both the supervising teachers’ and students’ schedule.

The overall cost of the trip will be $13,790 HKD based on 28 students attending. These 28 students will be supervised by 4 teachers from across different ESF Schools; as well as the attentive, qualified staff at Tasikoki.

Enriching experiences like this are so valuable and are always remembered. We are extremely excited to offer this opportunity especially since it is with an organization that is making a real difference in the sustainability of a developing country. We look forward to receiving your interest and application.

More details in this document Y11 Tasikoki Volunteer Opportunity – Pamphlet – Please contact Mr Muir if you are interested.