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500 days 500 ways

Posted by Peter MUIR

500ways-logoThe website 500 ways came to life on August 18 2014 – 500 days until the end date for the Millennium Development Goals.

This website aims to highlight the variety of ways in which volunteering supports sustainable development – across continents and in a number of specialist functions. Volunteers and volunteer groups have made a very real, but too often invisible, contribution to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.  As count down of the last 500 days of these goals continues, 500ways.org will feature a new volunteer story every day.  Check them out for inspiration and ideas about being an agent of change.

What we have

Posted by Peter MUIR

For her MYP personal project, Year 11 DC student Beccy Reponen wanted to use her skills in animation while doing something she is passionate about – the environment. She developed an animation called ‘What we have’, which tells the short story of an Inuit girl who’s live changes dramatically due to climate change. The Inuit are forced to adapt to the new weather conditions, or move out of their natural environment because of the melting ice sheets and the dying polar bears.

Nature Works Hong Kong: Environmental Innovation and Leadership Program

Posted by Peter MUIR

natureworksThe Nature Conservancy (TNC), an international environmental non-profit organization founded in 1951, is looking for students to join its “Nature Works HK: Environmental Innovation and Leadership Program”.

The unique program will help Hong Kong build the next generation of environmental leaders ready to action on their ideas. There will be a competitive recruitment process across Hong Kong to recruit students who are passionate about the environment, dedicated to making a difference, and able to take advantage of the incredible opportunities offered in this program. Students from all over Hong Kong (aged 14 – 17) and from all different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds can take part. There will be no costs to the students or to the school and the program will be held outside of school hours.

There are two main benefits for the students:
1. Students will receive leadership training normally accessible only to university students or people in the work force. They will learn various skills including presentation, communication, collaboration, goal-setting, project management, dealing with adversity and leadership development.
2. Students will get the opportunity to translate their passion for environmental issues into real-world conservation projects in their communities and schools, with the support and guidance of volunteer advisors from corporations across Hong Kong.

For more details, please visit natureworkshk.com. If you are keen to join, email Mr Muir asap!