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Posted by Peter MUIR

crossroads logoWithin Hong Kong, there are a variety of opportunities for people of all ages to become involved in benefitting our local communities. From Crossroads to Justice Centre and Oxfam to HandsOn Hong Kong, these are just a few NGOs within Hong Kong that provides volunteering opportunities for us to become actively involved in making a difference.

Founded in 1995, Crossroads is a worldwide organization that provides all people with the opportunity to volunteer for local causes and events around their community. For students, Crossroads offers a special certificate for those willing to dedicate their weekends to helping out at the organization. Called the “Student Service Certificate”, this certificate can be achieved through 70 hours of volunteering and of course, is not only a fun learning experience but a great addition to your resume for university.

Therefore, if you’re interested in participating in local charity and action-based events around Hong Kong – make sure you and your friends go to visit the Crossroads website. There’s always a lot of community engagement opportunities at Crossroads and even if you may not want to participate in these particular events, their activities may inspire you to create your own CCAs to motivate action within not only your local community, but DC’s as well!