Care for Children Youth Ambassador

Posted by Peter MUIR

Did you know that there are currently 71 million orphans in Asia (12 million more than in Africa), with many millions living in institutions (orphanages). Institutions are “not only crippling children’s potential and limiting their future, they are also restricting national, economic, political and social growth.”

Care for Children believes that every child should be given the opportunity to grow up in a family.  Family placement transforms the lives of disadvantaged orphans. The loving support of a family can provide a child with security, food, water, sanitation, education, health, stimulation and nurture. Care for Children’s work gives the most disadvantaged children a chance to develop into independent adults who can make a positive contribution to society.

Care for Children works with governments in Asia to set up good family placement systems, which allows orphaned and abandoned children in orphanages move into local, loving families.  So far, the group has helped place over 250,000 orphans back into loving families, and has the goal of reaching a million!

Care for Children is looking for students to get involved by becoming a Care for Children Young Ambassador!

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What is a Care for Children Young Ambassador?

A Care for Children Young Ambassador is someone who believes in their vision and wants to help make it happen!  There are lots of organizations and people who support Care for Children and we want to see young people involved too!


What are the steps to becoming a Young Ambassador?

  1. Fill in their sign up sheet!
  2. Contact the YA coordinator to receive your pack, which is full of resources and ideas!
  3. Plan some events/dates for the year

Throughout the year, the organisation is happy to support and be in touch with you. They can also provide you with what you will need to promote and fundraise for them. But otherwise, it’s up to your enthusiasm and initiative to represent Care for Children as a Young Ambassador.


What can I do as a Young Ambassador?

There are two main ways that you can help the organistion reach their vision:

Raise Awareness: 

Assembly – You can introduce the group to your school in an assembly. They will provide you with a presentation template and all the information you need so that you can share their vision with enthusiasm!

Teach a class – there are lots of younger children who you could talk to about what is going on with children and young people who are less fortunate then ourselves.


There are lots of ways to fundraising and get your friends involved. Some ideas to get you started:

– Sponsored Run

– Fashion Show

– Charity sports tournaments

– Brand partnerships

– Art Gallery

– Cinema night

– T-shirt sales



Q: Do I have to raise a certain amount of money to be successful?

A: Not at all, you can raise $200 or $5000 – every penny counts!

Q: What do I do if people want to find out more?

A: You can send them to their website;  or put them in contact with us!

Q: Am I old enough to help?

A: Anyone can help in whatever way possible! There is no age that is right or wrong.