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500 days 500 ways

Posted by Peter MUIR

500ways-logoThe website 500 ways came to life on August 18 2014 – 500 days until the end date for the Millennium Development Goals.

This website aims to highlight the variety of ways in which volunteering supports sustainable development – across continents and in a number of specialist functions. Volunteers and volunteer groups have made a very real, but too often invisible, contribution to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.  As count down of the last 500 days of these goals continues, will feature a new volunteer story every day.  Check them out for inspiration and ideas about being an agent of change.

What we have

Posted by Peter MUIR

For her MYP personal project, Year 11 DC student Beccy Reponen wanted to use her skills in animation while doing something she is passionate about – the environment. She developed an animation called ‘What we have’, which tells the short story of an Inuit girl who’s live changes dramatically due to climate change. The Inuit are forced to adapt to the new weather conditions, or move out of their natural environment because of the melting ice sheets and the dying polar bears.

Nature Works Hong Kong: Environmental Innovation and Leadership Program

Posted by Peter MUIR

natureworksThe Nature Conservancy (TNC), an international environmental non-profit organization founded in 1951, is looking for students to join its “Nature Works HK: Environmental Innovation and Leadership Program”.

The unique program will help Hong Kong build the next generation of environmental leaders ready to action on their ideas. There will be a competitive recruitment process across Hong Kong to recruit students who are passionate about the environment, dedicated to making a difference, and able to take advantage of the incredible opportunities offered in this program. Students from all over Hong Kong (aged 14 – 17) and from all different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds can take part. There will be no costs to the students or to the school and the program will be held outside of school hours.

There are two main benefits for the students:
1. Students will receive leadership training normally accessible only to university students or people in the work force. They will learn various skills including presentation, communication, collaboration, goal-setting, project management, dealing with adversity and leadership development.
2. Students will get the opportunity to translate their passion for environmental issues into real-world conservation projects in their communities and schools, with the support and guidance of volunteer advisors from corporations across Hong Kong.

For more details, please visit If you are keen to join, email Mr Muir asap!


Posted by Peter MUIR

crossroads logoWithin Hong Kong, there are a variety of opportunities for people of all ages to become involved in benefitting our local communities. From Crossroads to Justice Centre and Oxfam to HandsOn Hong Kong, these are just a few NGOs within Hong Kong that provides volunteering opportunities for us to become actively involved in making a difference.

Founded in 1995, Crossroads is a worldwide organization that provides all people with the opportunity to volunteer for local causes and events around their community. For students, Crossroads offers a special certificate for those willing to dedicate their weekends to helping out at the organization. Called the “Student Service Certificate”, this certificate can be achieved through 70 hours of volunteering and of course, is not only a fun learning experience but a great addition to your resume for university.

Therefore, if you’re interested in participating in local charity and action-based events around Hong Kong – make sure you and your friends go to visit the Crossroads website. There’s always a lot of community engagement opportunities at Crossroads and even if you may not want to participate in these particular events, their activities may inspire you to create your own CCAs to motivate action within not only your local community, but DC’s as well!

International Mother Language day @ DC

Posted by Peter MUIR

motherlanguagedayWe would like to host an event to help celebrate International Mother Language Week

We are looking for Year 11 students to organise a community engagement event to coincide with this international event celebrating language on Saturday, February 21st.

We would love interested students to lead the celebrations and would like to meet with you on this coming Monday ( 3rd of February) recess time in room 3201. This would basically involve getting a small group of Yr 11 students together, developing and implementing an action plan for this week. It would count as a CCA commitment and could involve the whole school.

The activities we had last year included:

  • Mother Tongue wishing tree dsiplay
  • Mother Tongue greetings video
  • Mother Tongue book reading in classroom and library

Bring your ideas and something to eat! Looking forward to seeing as many as you on this coming Monday. Email Ms Fan for more details –



Run for Change

Posted by Peter MUIR

Run for Change – Witness Earth Hour’s “Lights-out” Moment

runforchangeRun For Change is WWF-Hong Kong’s FIRST CHARITY RUN. It will be held during Earth Hour, on the night of 28 March, along the jogging path of the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade. Participants will be able to witness the lights going out around Victoria Harbour before running under the stars next to Hong Kong’s darkened skyline. Participants will be divided into several groups according to their gender and age. They will all run a 6km route.

Date: 28.3.2014 (Sat)
Time: 8:30p.m. – Countdown to the “lights-out” moment
8:45p.m. – Race begins
Venue: West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade
Race Category: Individual Race, Team Race (6 Runners), School Team Race (6 Runners), Corporate Race (3-4 runners)
Distance: 6km

Click here to sign up now. All proceeds of the race will go towards WWF-Hong Kong’s conservation and education work. Or click here to view more event details.


Posted by Peter MUIR

Every single day, thousands of children die from diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhoea– many of which can be prevented by simply washing hands with soap. Nevertheless, most hotels in Asia discard the millions of bars of soap their guests leave behind.

Soap Cycling has a three-part mission: to improve sanitation and hygiene in underprivileged regions, to increase green living and waste reduction, and to provide education on sanitation and leadership.

This nonprofit organisation retrieves hotel soap and distributes it to underprivileged families and schools in communities within Asia and around the world. Soap Cycling collaborates with the hospitality industry to collect and sanitise slightly used soaps and other sanitation amenities.

There are a few different ways that you can get involved:

1. Donate

2. Provide Soap

3. Volunteer

4. Student Internships

5. Spread the Word

Sign up for any of the weekly Soap Cycling events here


Quote Artists needed!

Posted by Peter MUIR

quote artDo you have an artistic flair?  Are you able to create and inspire?  The DC Community Engagement Captains are looking for some students with design or creative skills to make designs for a banner that contains a quote related to Community Engagement. A great way to use your creative skills and inspire others!  If you are interested, please email for more details.


DB Mothers & Friends Chinese New Year luncheon

Posted by Peter MUIR

On 28th February, 2015, DB Mothers & Friends will be hosting a Chinese New Year luncheon on the beach in Discovery Bay for invited HK beneficiaries and their families who received assistance from DB Mothers & Friends last year. Many of these disadvantaged families would otherwise be unable to enjoy a CNY celebration which is extremely important in Chinese culture.

The plan is to raise money to cover transport costs ($100 per person) and to invite the wider DB Community to attend and contribute food and drinks. The orgnisation is looking for support in setting up and cleaning up after the event, as well as fund raising to help cover event costs and donations of traditional packaged Chinese New Year celebratory cookies and/or sweets/biscuits.

See Mr Muir if you are keen to get involved.


Care for Children Youth Ambassador

Posted by Peter MUIR

Did you know that there are currently 71 million orphans in Asia (12 million more than in Africa), with many millions living in institutions (orphanages). Institutions are “not only crippling children’s potential and limiting their future, they are also restricting national, economic, political and social growth.”

Care for Children believes that every child should be given the opportunity to grow up in a family.  Family placement transforms the lives of disadvantaged orphans. The loving support of a family can provide a child with security, food, water, sanitation, education, health, stimulation and nurture. Care for Children’s work gives the most disadvantaged children a chance to develop into independent adults who can make a positive contribution to society.

Care for Children works with governments in Asia to set up good family placement systems, which allows orphaned and abandoned children in orphanages move into local, loving families.  So far, the group has helped place over 250,000 orphans back into loving families, and has the goal of reaching a million!

Care for Children is looking for students to get involved by becoming a Care for Children Young Ambassador!

care for children logo

What is a Care for Children Young Ambassador?

A Care for Children Young Ambassador is someone who believes in their vision and wants to help make it happen!  There are lots of organizations and people who support Care for Children and we want to see young people involved too!


What are the steps to becoming a Young Ambassador?

  1. Fill in their sign up sheet!
  2. Contact the YA coordinator to receive your pack, which is full of resources and ideas!
  3. Plan some events/dates for the year

Throughout the year, the organisation is happy to support and be in touch with you. They can also provide you with what you will need to promote and fundraise for them. But otherwise, it’s up to your enthusiasm and initiative to represent Care for Children as a Young Ambassador.


What can I do as a Young Ambassador?

There are two main ways that you can help the organistion reach their vision:

Raise Awareness: 

Assembly – You can introduce the group to your school in an assembly. They will provide you with a presentation template and all the information you need so that you can share their vision with enthusiasm!

Teach a class – there are lots of younger children who you could talk to about what is going on with children and young people who are less fortunate then ourselves.


There are lots of ways to fundraising and get your friends involved. Some ideas to get you started:

– Sponsored Run

– Fashion Show

– Charity sports tournaments

– Brand partnerships

– Art Gallery

– Cinema night

– T-shirt sales



Q: Do I have to raise a certain amount of money to be successful?

A: Not at all, you can raise $200 or $5000 – every penny counts!

Q: What do I do if people want to find out more?

A: You can send them to their website;  or put them in contact with us!

Q: Am I old enough to help?

A: Anyone can help in whatever way possible! There is no age that is right or wrong.