Posted by Peter MUIR

Brickshare is a project started by 13-year-old Alex Triestman that aims to support homeless students in near his home town in the US. It supplies homeless kids with what he calls Brickbots – toys made out used Lego pieces. He started his project with a weskit, and making contact withvarious non- profits that help homeless students. His first collection drive saw him collect thousands of pieces of lego, with which he and his friends made250 Brickbots with his friends. He also collected 200 new Lego small sets in the process as well as US$1600 in donations. Alex now leads a group of around 50 young students collecting pieces of lego and donations, and is getting further support through his use of social media, his website, and email. He aims to get more students involved, with his long range plan being to take Brickshare global, since all kids LOVE Legos and most kids have a baggie of broken pieces.

Why not start up you own Brickshare group here in DC?