Young Human Rights Reporter competition

Posted by Peter MUIR

As a part of the Amnesty Youth Awards, which aims to celebrate young people’s talent for human rights reporting, photography, songwriting (and performing), campaigning and fundraising, the ‘Young Human Rights Reporter Award‘ offers students an opportunity to show their skills in journalism while investigating and reporting on a chosen issue.

The aim of Amnesty’s Young Human Rights Reporter Award is to unearth and encourage the journalists and writers of tomorrow to find compelling human rights stories. To enter the Reporter category of the Awards, you should write a newsworthy article on the theme of a human rights news story or issue. Your article could be from your own personal experience or it can simply be your view on an existing human rights issue in HK or abroad. Alternatively, you may want to write a profile on a human rights activist, a certain campaign or the human rights record of a particular country.

A great opportunity for DC students to celebrate their writing and investigating skills while spreading awareness about an issue of global significance. Click here for more details.