The Santa Sack campaign – Get involved!

Posted by Peter MUIR

FHK festive food drive

With Christmas approaching, Feeding Hong Kong has asked – Is there a better time to think about helping your fellow citizens?

Feeding Hong Kong has kicked off their annual Santa Sack campaign and is asking for your help: to collect and pack an extra special food parcel that they can distribute to families in need this December.

Launched in 2012, their first Santa Sack campaign saw 500 food parcels, collected, packed and delivered by Christmas Day. Last year, supporters came together to help them double this to 1,000 wholesome and nutritious packs. Their aim for 2014 is to raise enough food and funds to deliver 1,500 Santa Sacks and distribute 20 Holiday Hampers.

What’s in a Santa Sack?
Every Santa Sack and Holiday Hamper will include:
The essentials: a selection of shelf-stable items such as rice, noodles and canned goods.
A festive treat: a jar of tasty homemade jam, cooked to a special recipe by Feeding HK volunteers.
Some inspiration: recipe suggestions from our Chefs in the Community Recipe Collection for tasty, healthy, budget-friendly meals that make the most of our Santa Sack ingredients.

How can I get involved?
To support the Santa Sack campaign, simply complete the Festive Food Drive registration form and email it to Next, set up a donation point in DC or in the DC community and collect the following shelf-stable items:
Santa Sacks (for individuals and families): individual / family sized cooking oil, instant oats, rice, noodles and pasta plus canned fish, canned soup, dried seaweed and nuts.
Holiday Hampers (for charity kitchens): commercial sized bags of rice and canned vegetables, meat and fish plus sugar, cornflour and soy sauce.

Note – to be included in the Santa Sacks and Holiday Hampers, donations must be shelf-stable and have an expiry date of Jan 2015 or later. Also, please think about nutrition! We have the special treats covered, so encourage you to gather wholesome and healthy food items, rather than sweets, snacks or desserts.