Daily Archives: November 7, 2014

The Power of Yet

Posted by Peter MUIR

This happy little tune from Sesame Street about ‘the power of yet’ helps us understand the CAS / Community Engagement learning outcomes that relate to preserving and commitment.

In order to achieve goals, we need to persevere with our efforts.  When we make mistakes in this process, the ability to keep working towards the goal is essential in reaching them. That’s the power of yet. You might not have achieved your goals yet, but perseverance and continued hard work, keeping your eye on the prize, and goals can eventually be achieved!

Beach Clean up

Posted by Peter MUIR

A note from DC’s DB Green Ambassadors, Year 10 students Rionna Caragay Sophie Lam –
Beach cleanup
Here is an opportunity for you to take direct action in improving our marine environment (and get invovled in a CE activity). There is going to be a beach clean up this weekend. This one will be at Nim Shue Wan (the beach near where you get the ferry to Peng Chau or Mui Wo).
Date: SUNDAY 9th November
Time: 1-4pm
Where: Nim Shue Wan beach
Bring: Friends and family, sunscreen, your own water bottle(preferably not single use water bottles- they are our enemies!), insect repellent, hat.  
We will provide: Water to refill your bottle, bags, gloves and a big smile!