Hong Kong’s Ecological Footprint hits a record high

Posted by Peter MUIR

globalfootprintAccording to the Living Planet Report 2014 published by WWF across the world, global wildlife populations have declined by 52 per cent in the last 40 years! Humanity’s Ecological Footprint is now 1.5 times the available biocapacity – in other words, it takes 18 months for the Earth to regenerate what humanity consumes in 12 months.

The situation in Hong Kong is even worse: our per capita Ecological Footprint recently hits a record high of 5.4 global hectares – the 15th largest in the world. This huge “ecological deficit” ranks Hong Kong as first in Asia – not something that those living in Hong Kong should be proud of. To put it in perspective, if everybody on the planet lived a Hong Kong lifestyle, we would require 3.1 Earths to fulfil our resource needs.

All Hong Kong residents have a shared responsibility in reducing our impact on the planet.  Businesses, citizens and schools alike need to put real effort into reducing our Ecological Footprint today.  WHat could you do to reduce your personal eco-footprint?  How could you reduce your family’s eco-footprint?  And what about DC’s – how could we reduce our impact?  There are many opportunities for students to lead the way and make change here – change that could make a difference in the impact we have on our planet.  Of course, such meaningful action would be a valued part of your Community Engagement efforts.   Speak to Mr Muir if you are keen to learn more.