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Service can improve happiness!

Posted by Peter MUIR

“Altruistic (other-regarding) emotions and behaviors are associated with greater
well-being, health, and longevity”.  That is the opening line of the abstract to this paper by Stephen G. Post published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine.  It points out that doing things for others – ranging from kindness to active community engagement -has benefits on our own wellbeing.  This adds to the previous posts on this blog that highlight the personal benefits of getting involved in service.

Volunteer as a Family

Posted by Peter MUIR

Volunteering as a family is a great way to spend quality time together while benefitting a chosen cause.  To help prepare your family for volunteering together, Youth Services America has a three-part blog series called “Families and Volunteering” blog series that is filled with tips and tricks for families who want to get involved together in their communities. It features some parents from across the US offering advice and stories about how they help their kids make a difference in the world.

CAN Mask Campaign

Posted by Peter MUIR

CAN mask campaign

Hong Kong’s Clean Air Network is looking for volunteers to help take part in their face mask viral campaign! All you need to do is wear our face mask and post it in all of your social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, leaving a few words of your thoughts on Hong Kong’s ever-growing air pollution problem.
Interested? Send the organisation a message with your name and address to and they will send you a face mask (name and address will be held strictly confidential); your participation is crucial to their success!

DC team runs a 24 Hour Race

Posted by Peter MUIR

hour race DC team

Over the past month, 16 DC Year 12 and 13 students have been busy working towards a goal. This goal is to help stop human trafficking and slavery.

Last weekend these students represented Discovery College to help ‘Stop the Traffik’ by participating in the 24 Hour Race. It was the first time that DC had participate din the event, which saw teams run a continuous relay for 24 hours. Held at the Peak, the event aims to raise awareness to combat the issue of human trafficking while raising funds to benefit anti-slavery charities.

This race included about 30 local and international schools in Hong Kong, with events taking place in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur over the same weekend.

The goal of the Discovery College team is to support The Mekong Club, who aims to ‘create educational platforms, events, forums and resources to raise awareness and capital to combat modern day slavery and human trafficking’.

To help raise funds a bake sale will be held on the 27th November, where an information booth will be set to provide information on the issue, which is said to affect 21 million people worldwide who are regarded as modern days slaves.

If you consider that t is not acceptable for people to be sold, then take action by supporting this DC group. Help make a difference now by donating to the team through the team’s Just Giving account.

The Other 100

Posted by Peter MUIR

TheOther100DC currently has on display in its foyer “The Other Hundred Exhibition”.  The Other Hundred is a not-for-profit photo-book initiated by the Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT) aimed at providing a counterpoint to the mainstream media consensus about some of today’s most important issues.  The DC exhibition, on display over the next four weeks, highlights profiles of some of the 100 featured in the book.

Organisers of the book say that “At its heart, The Other Hundred is an attempt to introduce its readers to the vast majority of people, ideas, places and cultures simply ignored by most major media publications. Whether it is an excessive focus on extremes of wealth or poverty, the obsession with whatever is dominating the current news cycle or the pushing of a particular political agenda, mainstream news no longer accurately reflects the experience of most people around the world”.

It is timely for the event to be held at the same time of our No Boundaries week, which has as one of its aims to have DC students see, meet and interact with people who could be considered as members of ‘the other 100’.

Young Human Rights Reporter competition

Posted by Peter MUIR

As a part of the Amnesty Youth Awards, which aims to celebrate young people’s talent for human rights reporting, photography, songwriting (and performing), campaigning and fundraising, the ‘Young Human Rights Reporter Award‘ offers students an opportunity to show their skills in journalism while investigating and reporting on a chosen issue.

The aim of Amnesty’s Young Human Rights Reporter Award is to unearth and encourage the journalists and writers of tomorrow to find compelling human rights stories. To enter the Reporter category of the Awards, you should write a newsworthy article on the theme of a human rights news story or issue. Your article could be from your own personal experience or it can simply be your view on an existing human rights issue in HK or abroad. Alternatively, you may want to write a profile on a human rights activist, a certain campaign or the human rights record of a particular country.

A great opportunity for DC students to celebrate their writing and investigating skills while spreading awareness about an issue of global significance. Click here for more details.

The Santa Sack campaign – Get involved!

Posted by Peter MUIR

FHK festive food drive

With Christmas approaching, Feeding Hong Kong has asked – Is there a better time to think about helping your fellow citizens?

Feeding Hong Kong has kicked off their annual Santa Sack campaign and is asking for your help: to collect and pack an extra special food parcel that they can distribute to families in need this December.

Launched in 2012, their first Santa Sack campaign saw 500 food parcels, collected, packed and delivered by Christmas Day. Last year, supporters came together to help them double this to 1,000 wholesome and nutritious packs. Their aim for 2014 is to raise enough food and funds to deliver 1,500 Santa Sacks and distribute 20 Holiday Hampers.

What’s in a Santa Sack?
Every Santa Sack and Holiday Hamper will include:
The essentials: a selection of shelf-stable items such as rice, noodles and canned goods.
A festive treat: a jar of tasty homemade jam, cooked to a special recipe by Feeding HK volunteers.
Some inspiration: recipe suggestions from our Chefs in the Community Recipe Collection for tasty, healthy, budget-friendly meals that make the most of our Santa Sack ingredients.

How can I get involved?
To support the Santa Sack campaign, simply complete the Festive Food Drive registration form and email it to Next, set up a donation point in DC or in the DC community and collect the following shelf-stable items:
Santa Sacks (for individuals and families): individual / family sized cooking oil, instant oats, rice, noodles and pasta plus canned fish, canned soup, dried seaweed and nuts.
Holiday Hampers (for charity kitchens): commercial sized bags of rice and canned vegetables, meat and fish plus sugar, cornflour and soy sauce.

Note – to be included in the Santa Sacks and Holiday Hampers, donations must be shelf-stable and have an expiry date of Jan 2015 or later. Also, please think about nutrition! We have the special treats covered, so encourage you to gather wholesome and healthy food items, rather than sweets, snacks or desserts.

The Power of Yet

Posted by Peter MUIR

This happy little tune from Sesame Street about ‘the power of yet’ helps us understand the CAS / Community Engagement learning outcomes that relate to preserving and commitment.

In order to achieve goals, we need to persevere with our efforts.  When we make mistakes in this process, the ability to keep working towards the goal is essential in reaching them. That’s the power of yet. You might not have achieved your goals yet, but perseverance and continued hard work, keeping your eye on the prize, and goals can eventually be achieved!

Beach Clean up

Posted by Peter MUIR

A note from DC’s DB Green Ambassadors, Year 10 students Rionna Caragay Sophie Lam –
Beach cleanup
Here is an opportunity for you to take direct action in improving our marine environment (and get invovled in a CE activity). There is going to be a beach clean up this weekend. This one will be at Nim Shue Wan (the beach near where you get the ferry to Peng Chau or Mui Wo).
Date: SUNDAY 9th November
Time: 1-4pm
Where: Nim Shue Wan beach
Bring: Friends and family, sunscreen, your own water bottle(preferably not single use water bottles- they are our enemies!), insect repellent, hat.  
We will provide: Water to refill your bottle, bags, gloves and a big smile!

Creating Video Tutorials

Posted by Peter MUIR

Online videos and tutorials are playing an increased role in education today.  Why not be a part of it?  Create your own video tutorials that can help students understand concepts or topics, understand tasks or prepare for assignments.  In making these tutorials, you will also find value and develop your own understanding.

Club Academia is one online tutorial website for students that started with four high schoolers uploading videos to a YouTube account. It has expanded nearly exponentially, now having 17 video makers and over 500 videos on their website.  They are also looking to recruit more video makers – if you have a strong understanding of a subject then email with any questions you may have about getting invovled.