‘Click’ to give a free HK$10 donation to Plastic Free Seas (PFS)

Posted by Peter MUIR

plasticfreeseaslogoPFS, founded by DB resident Tracey Read, is asking for your help. Started on Oct 1, the Just Giving online fundraising platform is giving away HK$10 to Hong Kong charities for every ‘Care’ click they receive. Simply sign up at Just Giving (www.justgiving.com/plasticfreeseas) and click the ‘Care’ button. It’s that easy. There’s only so much money available so click asap. Stay tuned for more information about their 75km Round Lantau Swim Challenge, Oct 29 – Nov 2.
Plastic Free Seas focuses on delivering free education programs and promoting solutions to plastic marine pollution in schools and in the wider community. They have recently presented at DC to our Yr 3 and Yr 10 & 11 students.