Daily Archives: September 17, 2014

DB Green Ambassadors

Posted by Peter MUIR

DB GreenAre you a keen to see an increase in environmental action in DB, and specifically by DC students? Then sign up to become the DC DB Green Ambassador!  This position is only open to two students in year 9 or above, and will involve promoting DB Green and the work that they do to the DC community, recruiting DC students, parents and teachers to get involved in DB Green events, collaborate with DB green in their plans, and take initiative to introduce new DB Green activities.   If you are interested, please email Mr Muir ASAP

ESF Environmental forum – looking for leaders

Posted by Peter MUIR

The ESF Student Environment Forum, is looking for a maximum of four students to represent DC in the ESF student environmental forum.   This is a fantastic opportunity for students to get involved in directing ESF schools to becoming more environmentally friendly, and would provide those involved with great experience in this inter-school initiative.

Those chosen to represent DC will be expected to be active participants at once per term meetings to achieve the committee’s goals and facilitate ESF-wide strategy.

We would like to have one student from our middle school and one senior school student to represent DC.  Naturally, those who apply would need to be enthusiastic about environmental sustainability.

Last year, members of the forum were able to make several changes within ESF, including a pledge from all ESF schools to go plastic free, changing school policy to to use recycled paper and other recycled paper products and more.  If you are interested, please email Mr Muir ASAP.