Climate summit – a call to take action

Posted by Peter MUIR

polarbeariceLast week, it was announced that the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reached record highs. “Pleading ignorance can no longer be an excuse for not acting,” said the World Meteorological Organisation.

Actions to draw the attention of politicians and others to concerns about climate change are being taken in many countries in advance of the climate summit in New York beginning on 23 September.

Click here for information about this summit.

There are 2919 marches and other actions taking place over the coming few days in many countries. For details click here – it includes of the People’s climate march in Connaught Place, Central., this Sunday 21st Sept at 1pm.

The campaigning organisation Avaaz is mounting an enormous worldwide petition on the subject. It aims to reach 3 million signatures: “A 100% clean energy future is the only solution to save our planet from unimaginable climate devastation. Join us now to make our call massive before world leaders meet for an emergency summit — we only have days left ”

Why not get people in DC and DB aware of this action – start developing awareness in DC tomorrow!

Background information:

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