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The benefits of Community Engagement

Posted by Peter MUIR

At DC, we frame Community Engagement in the MYP and CAS in the DP as ‘personal and social development programmes’.  As I have said to parents and students many times, developing and executing a well-thought out plan in either of these programmes offers our students a number of benefits.   Not only do students have the opportunity to help out others in the community, they also have the opportunity gain many personal benefits.  Those benefits include developing the skills and attributes highlighted by company CEOs, universities, employers and educators as key to future success.  A recent post on this blog outlined how participation in Community Engagement can also reduce student stress.  In the video above Youth Service America explains how one form of Community Engagement – service learning – offers students the opportunity to develop what the US’s National Education Association (NEA) refer to as the Four Cs – critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.   It is these four skills that make up much of what is required for future success, and it is development of these four skills that is one aspect of what Community Engagement has to offer our students.

Community Engagement reduces stress?

Posted by Peter MUIR

Here is a quote from the opening lines in an article from Youth Service America, which discusses research findings that getting involved in Community Engagement can offer the additional benefit of reducing stress.

Did you know that school is the top source of stress for teens? Service can be the answer: multiple studies have found that volunteering can help reduce stress and increase happiness.

So not only does Community Engagement provide students with an opportunity to develop attributes of the IB learner profile as well as foster 21st century skills such as collaboration and creativity, and support other members of the community, and enhance a student’s CV and university applications, it can also help ro reduce student’s stress!  Totally a win-win!

Post-Mid-Autumn Festival Beach Cleanup

Posted by Peter MUIR

After-party CLEAN UP (DB Green)While the Mid-Autumn festival provides a celebration opportunity for our community, it also create a lot of waste!  As such, DB Green and Plastic Free Seas are organising a family-friendly beach cleanup to not only remove the litter from Tai Pak Beach, DB’s main beach, but to also raise awareness about the waste created and left behind on the beach after the Mid-Autumn Festival. Thousands of glow sticks and connectors, perfect condition lanterns with working batteries left inside and many single-use disposable items can be found scattered around the beach.

DB Green is in fact asking that people make an effort to make more environmentally-friendly lanterns.  See this post on their blog on how to do so.

The post-Mid-Autumn Festival Beach Cleanup will be held on Sept 9, 9am to 11am, on Tai Pak Beach. Organisers will supply gloves and bags.