Nature Works HK

Posted by Peter MUIR

natureworksNature Works HK (NWHK) is a program developed by The Nature Conservancy and Seeds Training that is designed to give students the skills, networks, and opportunities necessary to translate their passion for the environment into tangible action in their schools and communities.  The programme runs from October 2014 to April 2015, kicking off with 3-day skills experiential training camp designed to build skills necessary for success in real-world projects, including communication, collaboration, and goal-setting.

Students who join this programme will leave armed with crucial new skills difficult to learn in the classroom but invaluable in university and in the working world.  Click here for a brochure on the programme or click here to visit the project website.  This opportunity is only open to students in Years 9 and above, and there are only 10 places available to DC students.  Email Mr Muir if you are keen to join.